New Mexico 2019: Color in the Land of Enchantment

Full information page for the retreat is HERE.

Please feel free to contact me with question: hello (at)

October 29, 2019: This retreat is now full but if you’d like to be placed on the waiting list, please fill out the registration form below and I’ll email you with your position on the list. Thank you for your interest in Taos. There is a similar retreat in Vermont in September of 2019, so please consider that one if you don’t get a place in Taos.


Price is based on the housing you choose. There are four options. For details on the rooms, visit Mabel Dodge Luhan’s website here: Please note that the housing rates on the site are not the ones for us as we have additional fees for the conference and food. Those are the rates if you are extending your stay.

Prices below are all inclusive. This includes your housing, taxes, the included meals, the workshop fee, all handouts and workshop extras.

Historic House Rates

Private room: $1550
Shared room: $1325

Juniper House Rates

Private room: $1425
Shared room: $1275

Companions: You may bring a significant other to this retreat. Your room will be billed at the private room rate and a fee of $350 for the double occupancy and all meals will be added to that for your guest.

Deposit: Your initial non-refundable deposit is $300 due upon registration. I will send you a PayPal invoice for that deposit within 24 hours of your registration. The remainder of the fee is due December 1st via PayPal or check.

I will attempt to contact you if I don’t receive your full payment by 12/1/18. If I don’t hear from you by 12/3/18, your spot will go to the first person on the waiting list.


Your $300 deposit is non-refundable. You can get a refund for the rest of your fees paid until December 1st. After that nothing is refundable unless I can fill your spot. If I am able to fill your spot, you will get a refund minus your deposit.

Completing the housing choices

Once your spot in the retreat is secured, I’ll send you an email asking you to make a housing choice. I will assign rooms based on registration order and preference for private versus shared. There are plenty of rooms at MDL to choose from and even if you don’t get your first or even second choice, chances are you’ll have a lovely spot. Please give me a few days to send out housing emails.


Registration form for New Mexico 2019

Name *
Phone *
Address *
If you'd like me to have the name and number of someone to contact during the retreat in an emergency, please leave that here.
Preferred Housing
Please indicate if you'd like a private or shared room in the Historic House or Juniper House. Room selection will be made available after the retreat is filled. These prices include the $300 registration deposit.
Spouse attendance
Will you bring a significant other to the retreat? Rooms are billed at the private rate plus $350 for the two of you.
If you're coming to the retreat with someone you'd like to share a room with, please indicate who that is here.
Please indicate any special dietary needs so I can pass them along to the chef well before the retreat. If your dietary needs change before the retreat, please notify me (i.e. you are suddenly on a drastically different diet which may be hard to accommodate!).
Retreat fee *
Please check this box to indicate your understanding of the fees for this retreat. The total cost is listed under Preferred Housing. Your $300 registration deposit will be subtracted from this.
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