Are you interested in having a tapestry woven for your home or for a corporate space?

Rebecca Mezoff, Emergence VI installed in client home in Phoenix, AZ

Tapestry is a wonderful, inviting medium. Wool absorbs and reflects light in a way that makes you feel like the piece is glowing from within.

Tapestry warms a space, expresses an idea or feeling, and is a great medium for most indoor environments.

Fiber helps absorb sound in live spaces and can soften the feel of environments made of stone, glass, and metal. 

If you're interested in a piece designed specially for you and your space, please contact me!




FAQ about commissions

How does the process begin?

We start with a friendly conversation in real time on the phone or via the internet (Skype, etc). I get a feeling for what you want and find out more about where the work will hang. We’ll talk about what you like about my artwork and what you don’t, what you might want in your piece and what you might like it to express. There is no obligation for this conversation and you are free to think about it before getting back to me and starting the proposal process. 

How do you determine the price?

The starting point for my work is a price figured by the square foot. Please contact me for my current rates.

How long does it take to finish?

Time to complete your piece depends on the size and complexity as well as whether or not I have other commissions to complete before yours. I will be honest about what is currently on my schedule and give you the best possible estimate for completion.

Can I make the design for you to weave?

No. Because tapestry is such a slow medium, I can only finish a very few pieces every year. I weave for the joy of creation and I will only accept commissions that give me some latitude in design (with right of refusal by you) and fit into my current artistic practice. I will listen carefully to what it is you desire and if I think that it will fit into my current practice, I will be very willing to continue working with you. I will do the designing however.

Can I choose the colors?

Yes, within reason. As the artist, I am listening to your desires for the space the artwork will reside. Color is an important choice in this and if the feeling of the work fits with the colors you desire, we can move forward.

Woven sample for the client to show final choices of colors for Emergence VIII in woven form.

Can I see the design before you start?

Absolutely. You are an integral part of the design process. I will provide both black and white line drawings of the form along with colored pencil mock-ups. I can also provide a computer-colored version of the work. Color blending in tapestry is subtle and can’t be reproduced in any other art medium successfully. So the design mock-ups you will get are only sketches. I can send you specific photographic details of works I have completed with similar techniques and color blending so you can see what the surfaces and colors of your finished work will look like.

Can I visit you while you are creating the artwork?

Sorry, no. I do not have an open studio currently and do not allow visitors to watch me work. I do have videos on my YouTube channel that show me working however. HERE is one.

Can I see progress of the piece as you work?

Yes! I will send you updates with photos of the progress of the work as it is woven. And during the design and yarn-dyeing phases, I will send you samples of the actual colors to approve.

What materials do you use?

My work is all made with hand-dyed wool singles yarn. The yarn is made by a small mill in New Hampshire (Harrisville Designs) to my specifications from wool that comes from New Zealand. The yarn is hand-dyed by me, specifically for your piece. I use acid wool dyes. They are light and washfast (NOT that you would wash a tapestry!) and create the most stable colors available in fiber.

Who has the copyright for the image in the tapestry?

I will retain copyright for all of my tapestries, commissioned or not. You are free to use images of the tapestry you commission in any way you’d like, but if used in a public way on the internet or in print, you will need to credit me as the artist. You may not use the image/design for monetary gain (i.e. sell things with photographs or reproductions of my work on it).

What is it like working with you?

I am an easy-going person. I strive to be up front about all details and will do my very best to listen carefully to what it is you want in your artwork. I will tell you if I believe it is not something that can be achieved either by me or in the medium of tapestry. If you like my tapestries, we can most likely reach a happy agreement on your special piece. 

Rebecca Mezoff, Emergence VIII, 54 x 54 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry, 2017.
Commission for client in Dallas, TX. photo: Gregory Case

Emergence VIII installed in client's home, 2017.

Yesterday's Red (2007) installed in psychologist office, New York

Rebecca Mezoff, Emergence IV installed in it’s new home in California, 2018