New course coming October 2019!

In this course we’ll tackle the question of designing for tapestry. Creating a tapestry design that is successful relies on many underlying skills. We’ll learn some of the higher-level technical skills that improve your options for expression, discuss color theory, play with various design techniques, and learn the basic concepts of design. We’ll be talking to tapestry and fiber artists about their design practice and we’ll have a monthly live Q&A session where we can chat about your challenges and successes.

This course will be offered in a membership site format where monthly content gives you time to play with the concepts between lessons. It will include content useful for a wide range of experience in tapestry weaving.

More information is coming in August 2019. Expected launch of the class is sometime in October (with apologies that I won’t make a September launch… my book photoshoot will keep me out of the studio for most of September). Registration will be open twice a year so I have time to focus on the people in the course the rest of the time. Watch this space or my newsletter for details so you don’t miss your chance to register for season one of the course.


What is the format of the course?

This course will be like a membership site. That means that there will be new content every month and as long as you subscribe, you will have access to all new and past material. As in my other courses, the handouts and references will be downloadable but the videos will not.

Will this course cover basic tapestry techniques?

No. This membership site will contain information for a wide range of abilities, but if you’re brand new to tapestry weaving, I recommend concurrently registering for a beginning tapestry techniques course like THIS one.

What will the content be like?

Monthly content will look like a mix of these things:

  • an educational piece of content about design or color theory often with a list of potential exercises or ideas to experiment with

  • behind the scenes clips of fiber studios and practice

  • frequent interviews with other artists about their design process

  • live Q&A on Zoom each month with me and potentially with other artists to answer your questions.

  • resources you might want to check out for the particular topic we’re covering that month

When can I register?

The first registration will be in late September of 2019. There will be two registration periods a year and registration will be closed the rest of the time. This is so I can focus on the people working in the membership.

How much will the course cost?

I don’t have the details of cost worked out but it will be based on a monthly subscription. It is possible I will be able to also offer a yearly subscription model (i.e. you’d pay for the whole year at one time like you would a static class).

When will the course end?

My plan is to continue this course with a new “season” each year. You can unsubscribe at any time and join again at the next open enrollment period but you’ll miss the content between your registrations. The amount of information about tapestry design and the ways we can learn to improve our skills are pretty endless!

Will there be a community feel to the course?

One of the major goals of the course is to foster communication and community among tapestry weavers all over the world. I’m working on options for communication between members in the course as sharing our ideas is a great way to further our knowledge and find new paths.