Well over two thousand students have now taken at least one of my online courses.
Below are some of their words about their experience as well as videos and photos of their work.
Trust that what you need to see will come forward out of this long list.
I am grateful for every one of these hard-working people.
It is a joy to see their work and hear their voices every day.

Dear Rebecca. . . Your online classes have made a huge difference to my life - learning tapestry weaving with you has filled my life with colour and new friends and weaving tapestry has become my obsession and my joy. Thank you so much.
— Helen, comment on blog post, April 2019
Just wanted to say how much that I enjoyed the webinar this morning. Lots of ideas and inspiration. First, to dig out the churro roving that I wondered what it would become ... now I know!
Thanks to both you and Sarah!
— Mary Kay Amistadi after viewing webinar linked below

Sarah Swett and I have done a couple free webinars talking about our work and the four-selvedge method of tapestry weaving. The webinar Mary Kay is referring to happened July 20, 2019 and can be found HERE.

I absolutely loved this course so much. I am in the mountains for the summer... I have two little looms with partially completed projects... Rebecca’s teaching is just perfect. Organized and structured but efficiently so. Very very good and I will definitely take Warp and Weft. Many many thanks, Victoria.
— Victoria Margeotes Schell after completed Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

Robyn Tanchum, four selvedge tapestry completed in Fringeless: Four Selvedge Warping with Sarah C. Swett

All I can say is a giant thank you to both you and Sarah! I’ve just completed my third [Fringeless tapestry], and both warping and weaving is getting better and easier. It’s lovely to weave with you and Sarah at my work table with me. It just feels so nice and easy and ... homey. Every question that I have about this particular technique is answered somewhere during the class. I can watch and listen endlessly and get the same happy each time!
— Robyn Neumark Tanchum after taking the Fringeless class

Thank you for producing these amazing classes. There is so much value in them and to be able to re-reference the videos as needed is just what I need with my sieve-like memory!
I was experimenting on my own for the last two years, thinking “over, under, what’s to learn?” Ahem. I think you have a video on YouTube about using meet and greet and that alone was an immediate level up for me and convinced me I needed to take Warp and Weft.
— Carla Ensink, 2019

Well done! I have taken all the courses that you offer and I feel your video describes the courses very clearly. [See Which Online Class Should I Take on the Online Learning page of this website.] For those that worry about the cost, your worries will be gone when you begin the course. There is so much content presented in such an entertaining way that you will soon find yourself signing up for all the courses.
— Jenny Chicone, comment on blog post from April 2019
I have had such fun with this class that I signed up for the Fringeless class and the Warp and Weft class. I will be adding more I am sure. Your videos have been so helpful. Being able to watch you weave has made a world of difference in learning the techniques.
— Karen Driscoll after finishing Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms
I loved all of your courses and you are DONE an absolute great job!! I also love the fact that you are showing how to build your own looms. That was something I was very afraid off. . . . You have made my fears go away [about building my own looms]. THANK YOU SO Much!!!!
— Svenja Suhr
I am absolutely loving this course. I have been doing a lot of online research and looking at lots of tapestries wondering “how did they do that?” The more I learn the more excited I get.

You are an excellent teacher.
— Joan Clappier upon starting Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry

My weaving has improved in many ways after taking this course. The videos are so clear and precise. I had read many Navajo books prior to “finishing” your [course] and your lessons clarified so much and redirected many of my techniques. Thank you. I appreciate your attention to different learning styles as well. After more practice I will be taking the color gradation class as well.
— Carolyn Doueck after finishing Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry

Rebecca, I also can’t begin to say how much your courses have meant to me. I have traveled from a discouraged unhappy weaver to someone who is confident and joyful in her work. I hope you are gratified and encouraged to see the output of people you have influenced.
— Trish White, B.C. Canada, commenting on the Webster Arts show of student work

Trish White, Shards, 23 x 23 inches, wool and cotton tapestry

I can’t tell you how helpful the Little Looms class has been. I’ve been “winging” it and even though I was enjoying my wing-weaving, frustration was beginning to mount. My tapestry flame has gone from a flicker to a full blaze! . . . Thanks so much for providing such terrific online instruction. I’m in the process of digesting Little Looms and once I have, I intend to stoke the flame further with Warp and Weft!
— Lisa Almeida

Lisa Almeida, a mended heart, 2.5 x 3.4 inches

This class was amazing. I had so much fun and learned a lot. Can’t wait to take another class after practicing my techniques from this one! Thank you SOOOOO much.
— Heidi Martin after completing the Self-Directed Warp and Weft course

I’ve learned so many things through this first course but mostly it’s given me the confidence to venture off in different directions and learn by trial and error too. Thanks Rebecca!
— Kim Sutton upon finishing Warp and Weft, Part 1

Kim Sutton

Having only ever taken a little morning class a couple of years ago about some sort of free-form weaving with lots of rya knots and woven fleece and then leaving kinda disappointed, this is just what I needed! ...

I really love self-paced, work-on-your-own online classes, so this format/approach is PERFECT for my learning style. Also, I very much enjoyed the laughs in your videos. The ‘I told you so’ cameo was hilarious for the uneven warping discussion.
— Michelle Hamill after finishing Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms
Tapestry is giving me a horizon that I can work towards. Since retiring and turning 70, the horizons were gone. Tapestry has restored my sense of learning and adventure. I think I will be doing it for the rest of my life. It will be a continuing learning experience.
— Jim Sarniak upon finishing Warp and Weft, Part 3

I love it! For me, the best part is the way you and Sarah give us the information, in such clear terms both verbally and visually. You make it approachable and achievable. And seeing you both working together is enjoyable. Thank you for all the work you put into it. It’s been one of the highlights of my summer.
— Barb Gecas about Fringeless (via Facebook)

You latest blog has prompted me to email you and say how grateful I am that I found you online. I signed up for your Warp and Weft course and absolutely love it. You are so talented and I marvel at how well you explain the intricacies of tapestry. I have spent every day since Christmas hunched (I know, don’t hunch!) over my floor loom working through the exercises.
— Mimi Jost while working through Warp and Weft

I have learned so much from this class! Thank you Rebecca!
— Lu Ross after finishing Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

Yesterday I pulled out my Hokett loom that had been warped for over a year. I proceeded to weave my header. What a peaceful feeling it gave me. Each time I took my little fork and beat it down it took my breath away.
I lost my husband a year ago. I want to thank you for your wonderful classes and words of inspiration in all your blogs. Thank you.
— Eva

I really enjoyed all three parts of this course. I feel like I have a firm technical knowledge of tapestry weaving. Just need lots more experimenting and let my creativity speak. I want to thank you so much to have taken the time to create such wonderful online courses. You are a marvelous teacher. You rock Rebecca.
— Marcus Lee, B.C., Canada

Marcus Lee, tapestry woven while taking Warp and Weft online course with Rebecca Mezoff

...I began to think I could learn something from tapestry and tapestry weavers and contacted a few friends who are experts in tapestry. It seemed like everyone kept pointing me to Rebecca Mezoff and her online tapestry courses... What works for me, besides the fact that she has made professional videos that are in focus, clear to follow, and funny, is that these are self-directed courses.... you work at your own speed, whenever you want, and you can ask as many questions as you want.... What I was totally unprepared for was my reaction to doing tapestry. I was completely mesmerized and engaged and loved it.
--Bhakti Ziek on her blog. Read the entire post HERE.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough, I began with almost zero knowledge only about 3 or 4 months ago, I am now weaving every day and sharing the new knowledge with my grand daughter, Harriet, we are having a whale of a time. Rebecca, you are so engaging and such an inspiring teacher, I think that you are changing the tapestry world single handedly - especially if you try to buy anything like beaters or seine twine! Once recommended they are gone! Signing straight up for the Colour gradation course.
— Annette Skyes, UK, after taking the Warp and Weft course

And a few months later, Annette wrote this:

A testament to Rebecca’s teaching - I sent some images of my weavings to West Dean College, and guess what? I have been accepted as one of seven students to participate in their 24 month, part-time, Intermediate Tapestry development course…. We will be working in their renowned tapestry studio!! I never really dreamed my work could be good enough for this, and to be there will be wonderful.

If It hadn’t been for the excellent online course, Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry, this would never have happened.
— Annette Elizabeth Sykes, Northamptonshire, UK

Annette Skyes, tapestry woven in Warp and Weft online course with Rebecca Mezoff

I think after a few more practice pieces I will have enough confidence to tackle Part Two. This has been a great adventure for a weaver who has previously worked with shaft looms only. Thank you for this experience, Rebecca.
— Alice Schlein, world renowned multi-shaft weaver, author, and teacher


Robin LaBar, tapestry final project Warp and Weft online class with Rebecca Mezoff

I loved this class. You have encouraged and drawn me into the world of tapestry that I have longed to try, but never attempted. I have learned to force myself to slow down and enjoy the process. To think about what I see. I have learned so many things and am excited to continue my learning. I told myself I couldn’t sign up for another class until I finished a complete piece on my little loom. I just finished and uploaded my picture. And now I am heading to the Warp and Weft class. :-)
— Robin LaBar after finishing Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

Your course is wonderful. I find it all challenging and watch different sections over and over again. Thank you for your expertise!
— Amy Rubin, Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

I cannot tell you, Rebecca, how much I am enjoying this course. I read and watched it from end to end in December, before starting to weave. I got a Hokett loom for Christmas (successful letter to my Santa) and am about to post photos of my first weavings on it. I have been weaving tapestry on and off for years, but didn’t have others with which to discuss, share, and problem-solve. The small scale is new to me, too. Discussion with others in the course is icing on the cake! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
— Monica Murphy, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, student in Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

Nancy Nordquist, pick and pick examples from Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class

Nancy Nordquist, pick and pick examples from Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class

[Your course] has motivated me to actually weave in a way that none of the books I have bought over the years have done. Your course is well-organized and filled with important and inspiring information. The videos are terrific. It is so helpful to be able to watch them over and over, hopefully absorbing some of your good weaving habits. Your response time is great, and your feedback is always enthusiastic and helpful.
--Nancy Nordquist, Woodlands, TX

Nancy Nordquist, The Enamel Sky

This course has been so much fun - challenging too! Rebecca, I love your voice, so upbeat and encouraging and easy to listen to. Your kind creative spirit comes through in your teaching and your blog and comments. Thank you!
— Jo Librizzi after completing Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

Rebecca, I have so enjoyed this course. You do a wonderful job with your videos and handouts. It has been wonderful to be able to work at my own pace and you present things so clearly and are quite inspirational!
— Mimi Rhodes, Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry

A wonderful journey in beginning weaving. You have been a great teacher and mentor, Rebecca. The class was set up beautifully; it was a pleasure listening to the videos, reading the PDFs, engaging in conversations online and of course practicing. I liked the pace and variety of ways to learn. And the content was incredible. I learned a tremendous amount. I even found my footing on what style I’d like to pursue taking my cues from the natural world. You’ll be seeing more of me. I signed up for the Color Gradation Technique class today. Can’t wait to get started...
— Pat Gottfried upon finishing Warp and Weft

Your class format and method of teaching are just perfect. I loved the clear concise videos where you explained everything in detail as well as showing “how to” in a close-up. It really helped when I didn’t understand something and I could just go back and watch the video sometimes several times until I understood how to do a certain shape or technique. The PDF files are a perfect companion/book for the videos. Your pleasant personality and professional, non-boring method of teaching are an added plus. This is one of the best weaving classes I have ever taken and I will definitely recommend it. I am very much looking forward to taking the next class!
— Sharon Carey upon finishing Warp and Weft

Sharon Carey, tapestry from Warp and Weft online course with Rebecca Mezoff

Tapestry is FUN... especially when you have a teacher! ...I had heard about Rebecca Mezoff and her online classes, but I was a tad skeptical. How was THAT going to work out??? ...I have to say it was the BEST decision! I am SO EXCITED!
--Sierra of Dakota Designs on her blog. You can read the whole post HERE.

I am thrilled by how much I am learning in your online class. The outline format shows a well-organized progression; the written material is clear and pertinent; and your videos are just great: informative, well-presented, and personable - and they sometimes have me laughing in the aisle, which can help at times!
— Liz Johnson, Freeport, ME
I really don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun learning how to weave. You are always right there to answer our questions and discuss any problem we might have and you will keep at it until we get it. I love this format, not only because I can sit at my loom any time night or day, but I don’t feel like I’m holding others up like in a workshop. Having videos and PDFs is a real plus. Sometimes it just doesn’t sink in when I read it, but then I look at the video and I get it. Or the other way around.
— Michele Dixon, Seguin, TX

And here is what Michele had to say at a later date about the Color Gradation Techniques course:

Rebecca, I have to say, you have outdone yourself with this online course. I absolutely love being able to put notes up on the videos, etc. It will help me when I want to go back to a certain video to watch something that was special to me. However, I think the most incredibly awesome thing is the video index of the complete course in PDF form. I have printed it out and I’m using it to go watch certain aspects of this course that are important to me before I start actually weaving. This course is going to change my way of weaving tapestry and hopefully I’ll become a better tapestry weaver for it. Thank you again for all the hard work you have put into this. 
— Michele Dixon, Seguin, TX
Betsy Szymanski, transparency exercise from Color Gradation course

Betsy Szymanski, transparency exercise from Color Gradation course

I became intrigued with tapestry after seeing the work of one of my guild members. It was a small tapestry of a black cat walking away down a path. It was striking and memorable. I did a few samplers and looked unsuccessfully for local workshops... Rebecca Mezoff has a variety of classes and I have jumped in with both feet. I love the way Rebecca has structured these classes....
--Michiele on her blog, Knit on Regardless. You can see the whole post HERE.

My only hesitation about taking this class was my lack of intuitiveness when it comes to technology. Technology things that seem obvious to younger people are never obvious to me. If I can make something difficult, I usually find a way. I found the Pathwright platform to be simple and easy to use.
Mostly, I appreciated the level of instruction. I feel I was taken seriously even though my work is pretty rudimentary for now. I wanted instruction from a serious tapestry artist rather than a “craft” perspective. I feel like I got all the extra bits and pieces of information I am looking for. Also, my questions/comments were addressed very promptly and with a positive attitude.
— Vicky Standley, Georgia

Hi Rebecca, I thank you out of the bottom of my heart that you had the patience for me to complete this course. I have already great ideas... The course is really easy to follow from start to finish. You must have put so many hours in. Thank you for all you do.

--Ineke Dusseljee, Hungary

Leslie Whitcomb, eccentric weaving practice from Warp and Weft course

Leslie Whitcomb, eccentric weaving practice from Warp and Weft course

Rebecca-I am a shoot-from-the-hip kind of person. I am aware you don't know me, but trust me when I say "I tell it like it is". I love the workshop "Color Gradation". It is the boost I need to get going. I may have forgotten some things from 20 years ago, but I will slap my forehead and say "Duh!" several times as I watch the video... I am leaning into the computer, absorbing the bits and things I need, and I am concentrating on everything. You did a beyond amazing job on the presentation and the examples and well-EVERYTHING! ...You did a wonderful job. Thanks for doing this. This is the class I needed.
--Cozy Knitting comment on my blog about the online course, Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry

It takes a lot of work to develop an online class and this is a great one. Some artists feel they are giving away their talent but it appears Rebecca wants to facilitate us in learning from her years as a tapestry artist. I hope she will continue to produce more tapestry topics in the future.
— Victoria Moore, Birmingham, AL
Sue Bassett, vertical gradation work from Color Gradation Techniques course

Sue Bassett, vertical gradation work from Color Gradation Techniques course

Rebecca's online class absolutely exceeded my expectations. I certainly expected it to be terrific because I already knew Rebecca Mezoff as a top notch Tapestry Artist and Teacher. But this online format lends itself perfectly to moving through the instructional material at the pace most suited to the individual student. Thus, one is only bound by one's own understanding and never by a predetermined pace or workshop day. In addition, help from the instructor is never more than a click away. The carefully presented video lessons can be watched as many times as desired, to learn the material well, to catch every little detail or to review, and the printed lessons summarize and remind. In short, this is the perfect class for anyone interested in learning to create tapestries or simply in creating a solid foundation for their skills. --Ute Conly, Loveland, CO

Have to admit that I was a little nervous about online learning but I am hooked into your classes. I love being able to work at my pace….sometimes a few minutes in a day, or sometimes, most of the day. This was is an advantage to me and I don’t feel the ‘sensory overload’ that I get when taking a 3-day workshop.
--Sue S, participant in both Warp and Weft and Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry

Rebecca there is a challenge I have found with your online class!

I want more of your videos, more of your downloads, more of learning at my own pace, more enjoying the journey and not wanting it to end! Yes, I know there two more parts.......but then what????

You are very gifted at teaching your craft and allowing your students the freedom to learn under your watchful eyes. Please consider adding more classes in the future. I want, no make that NEED more...........to continue my journey.
--Susan, Part 1 student, May 2014 in blog comment

Of course I would recommend this course to others. Rebecca’s videos were clear and easy to understand. I was able to complete projects with no difficulty in spite of my complete lack of experience. Her feedback was helpful and FAST.
— Lynn Presnal
Bonni Opthof, completed after Warp and Weft course

Bonni Opthof, completed after Warp and Weft course

[I liked] Rebecca's funny, warm and engaging personality coupled with solid teaching of valuable skills. Being able to review the videos multiple times was awesome, as was being able to download the handouts for future reference. [There was] great follow-up and support from Rebecca as well as the chance to "meet" others learning to weave and compare notes. It has consumed way more of my time than I anticipated however it is also much more FUN than I anticipated.... well worth the cost (and even more, frankly)... Also, Rebecca's availability has been awesome.
--Summer Larson, Santa Rosa, CA

Summer Larson, Part 2  Warp and Weft

Summer Larson, Part 2 Warp and Weft

I loved this course! Rebecca’s thoughtful consideration for her students comes through in all of the videos, written materials, and discussion areas. Her videos are very thorough and she often shows techniques from several different angles. They also include pop-up illustrations and examples from Rebecca’s own work. The PDFs that you can download also contain a large amount of additional information about techniques, materials, etc. There is so much content crammed into a very easy to navigate framework! Yet, the best part of the course is the discussion areas where I was able to post questions for Rebecca to answer as well as photos of my weaving as I progressed through the course. Rebecca’s feedback was invaluable and is what sets this course apart from self-study online tapestry instruction. I felt like I was there in the studio with her. Highly recommended!    
— Gina Pruette, Santa Fe, NM

Dawn MacFall about her experience partway through Part 1 after trying to learn tapestry in other ways:

I’m about 12” into the sampler, spending most of last week reading Rebecca’s handouts, watching and re-watching her videos and asking questions. AND WEAVING! I question what made all the difference this time around. I truly believe it has to do with having her right there with us “online.” She has been so responsive to questions, her videos are actually fun to watch as she adds her fun personality to them which keeps me from drifting off and getting bored. The videos are also just the right length — not too long — not too short. She demonstrates precisely the technique being taught. The camera work and close-ups are taken professionally making them easy to see and to follow. I actually understand WHY things need to be done for certain techniques. This class now has me thinking and designing in my head and understanding the path it will take to achieve those designs.
— Dawn MacFall, Macfiberfall studio, Pine River, WI

I'm really having a wonderful experience with this format!
Everything about this class is superb.
It is perfect for allowing me to take the time to really learn tapestry at my own pace.
Thank you again for providing this opportunity to learn from you. It is a dream come true and a check off my "bucket list".
--Sue Murray, Lancaster, PA

I am sad it is the last day of our three-part courses, Rebecca. Even if there was a day I could not get to my tapestry weaving, I always knew the classes were there waiting for me and you were available if I had questions.

Thank you very very much for all the effort you put into making these three courses fun, educational, and so substantial. The courses are well worth the tuition you charge and I only hope you feel satisfied with what you have accomplished with this effort. You are one of my heroes....
--Patricia Jordan, San Jose, CA

 [Rebecca's note: Classes had an end date when Patricia first started, but now they are forever access and she continues to use the material in her new studio with her new Leclerc tapestry loom.]

I like the videos, the printable lessons, and the generous responses to all my questions and calls for help. I find myself accessing the videos whenever I have a problem or lack of understanding. It is so easy to find the information I want with the lessons divided into such organized concepts. Rebecca’s responses to my questions have been generous and completely on target. I also appreciate the encouragement she has given me, it means so much.
— Connie A.

Gayle Weikert,  Happy Cat,  project completed after Warp and Weft course

Gayle Weikert, Happy Cat, project completed after Warp and Weft course

[I liked] primarily the whole learning process. Organized and accessible 24/7 and paced by me. The open forum is great. Rebecca’s videos are so easy to follow and efficiently presented. Her PDF printouts are a book. And of course, Rebecca’s immediate attention to all problems and questions. Very satisfying experience and I think when I’m finished with Part 3 in a few weeks, I will finally have learned what I have been wanting to know for years. (I also enjoy Rebecca’s sense of humor.... she has a 104-year-old dog. And where else can I go to school in my bathrobe... or late at night when I can’t sleep?)
— Dea Savitsky, Claremont, CA

Pathwright is so good and has an easy learning curve. I am not very computer saavy and had no problems using it on my iPad.
--Susan, Lancaster, PA

Rebecca Mezoff's online tapestry class has been the "PUSH" I needed to begin using the tapestry looms I've been acquiring for the last few years. I've learned so much already!

--Dawn McFall on her blog Hey Dawn. Read the entire post with photos HERE and the prior post HERE.

[What I liked best about the class was] Rebecca’s kindness, her sincere desire to pass on her knowledge, to keep tapestry alive. The videos and PDFs are excellent and Rebecca’s response to questions and concerns are spot on. I will Highly recommend this class to others.
— Sheryl Streeper

Gradation sampler by Nancy Kramer, Color Gradation Techniques class

Gradation sampler by Nancy Kramer, Color Gradation Techniques class

I like how you continued to update the videos or handouts in response to specific questions people had and also posted other people's ideas. It makes the class feel like a "real" class rather than a virtual one. Your prompt feedback is also extremely valuable and made me feel like I was in a class.

I am so glad I took this class. I really feel like I am gaining a solid foundation for what I hope will be years of tapestry weaving.
--Julie, Orinda, CA

I liked the organization of the class and the combination of video and printed material, along with Rebecca’s timely responses to questions and concerns. I thought the pacing was great, and enjoyed the opportunity to share with fellow classmates. Most of all, I thought the material was comprehensive for a first-level class of limited duration, well presented and well supported by Rebecca. It was really fun to weave along with the examples presented, and devise our own final projects based on the material in the class.
This is a great opportunity to learn how to weave tapestry in a flexible, self-directed manner from a real expert. Rebecca is a warm, friendly, and skilled teacher who works very hard to ensure that her students enjoy a successful learning experience.
I am so glad I took this class! I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time, at home and at my own pace. I can’t wait to take more classes with Rebecca.
— Cynthia Amidon, Hancock, NH

Rebecca is an excellent teacher. She is able to see what is helpful for beginners to understand and presents the material in a nice sequential way.

It was particularly helpful to see several minutes of weaving on the videos and feel the rhythm of the weaving. I became more comfortable with shoving my hand in the shed because I had seen in the video that it wouldn't harm anything. I did enjoy the "out takes".
--Pam Mullen, Kirkland, WA

I love that [the course] is online and I can go back over sections as many times as I need. I also like that it can be done according to my own schedule. I have not found any classes close enough to me that would be even near as complete as yours.
— Janice, Maine

I really liked the class. I have been reading about tapestry and trying techniques as they were described in the book. Rebecca confirmed what I thought I knew and taught me much more. I also liked that she left it up to the students to design the layout of the sampler. That allowed us to determine how much of each technique we needed to practice.
— Jan Rust

Lesley Tudan, regular hatching practice from Color Gradation Techniques course

Lesley Tudan, regular hatching practice from Color Gradation Techniques course