Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio, LLC Terms and Conditions

By creating using this site you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below. Please review my privacy policies. I take data protection very seriously.

This website is owned and operated by Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio, LLC.

Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio, LLC is a site dedicated to tapestry weaving. I am a tapestry artist and educator who offers handwoven tapestries, online classes, and a few products for sale. These products are offered through the online platform, Pathwright and through a commerce page on this website. I also write a blog with lots of free information, videos, and occasionally free downloads. My email list lives at Mailchimp who has strict privacy policies and includes your name if you provide it and your email address. This data is used by me to email you about my free and for-purchase content related to tapestry weaving.

All information on this site is the author’s personal opinion, and almost always that author is myself, Rebecca Mezoff. I present information about tapestry weaving and fiber projects from my point of view and cannot be held responsible for projects that don’t work out for you. If information presented is the opinion of another person, they will be cited.

Mailing list

If you opt into my newsletter through any of the forms on my website or through a newsletter you saw posted on Facebook, Twitter, or that was forwarded to you from someone else, your name is saved in a mailing list file by Mailchimp. I send my weekly newsletter, Tapestry Picks generally on Thursdays and send the list an update on something else very occasionally. You can opt out of this list at any time from the Unsubscribe button on the bottom of every email or by contacting me at I do not add people to this mailing list unless you tell me that you want to be added either through an opt-in form, in an email, or by checking that you want to be added when checking out of my shop.

Use of my content

Please feel free to share my blog posts, newsletters, and YouTube videos with all your fiber friends. You do not need my permission to do so as long as it is clear that this is my intellectual property.

However, all photos, videos, and intellectual content are the property of Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio, LLC and may not be used for print or online publication without my consent unless they remain in their original form. Sharing a blog post is not the same thing as copying my content and using it as your own (that is illegal!).


My online school is hosted on a platform called Pathwright. You can find Pathwright’s privacy policies HERE and their terms of use HERE. Data gathered by them upon registration is restricted to name and email address which you set up yourself when you make an account. You can request to have your data deleted at any time though this will remove you from my school and access to your online classes.

Purchase of physical products

If you order a physical product from this website, your order information will be saved by Squarespace and my shipping platform, Shipstation for purposes of fulfilling your order. Should you choose to make an account with Squarespace (my website host), this information will be kept by Squarespace and you may access it at any time through your account.

Your information is never shared and I only use it to ship you things you ordered or occasionally a holiday card. Credit card information is taken by, the credit card processor, and is never known to Squarespace, Shipstation, or Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio, LLC. To best serve you, maintenance of that information is necessary (to provide a refund for example). If you would like me to delete your address when your order is complete, please let me know at and I will do so immediately, but bear in mind that no refunds will be given if you have asked me to delete your information.

Customer account

If you choose to make a customer account at checkout, Squarespace will collect information pertaining to your order such as your name, billing and shipping address, email address, and any other information pertinent to your order such as order preferences or product sizes. This information improves your checkout experience and our customer service. Making an account is voluntary. Credit card information is not saved.

Other emails

We may email you with messages about your order or account activity. For example, we may email you to tell you that:

  • You’ve created a Customer Account

  • Your Customer Account password has been reset or updated

  • You’ve made a purchase

  • Your order has shipped

It’s not possible to unsubscribe from these messages.

Other information I may collect

If you email me with a question about course content or anything else, there is a good chance I will keep that email in case you have further questions. My memory is not great, so I’ll need to reference old questions when answering new ones. You can request that I delete old emails from you at any time. I use Google mail for all my electronic communications and those emails live on my computer and on the server.


Occasionally I offer free downloads from my blog. These are usually handouts in PDF format which you can download and use free of charge. In the past signing up for a freebie has automatically placed you on my mailing list. With the advent of the GDPR in the EU in May of 2018, I am changing my freebies so that you can opt in to my mailing list separately from receiving the free content. You'll want to be on my mailing list, so you can sign up at any time HERE.

Website visitors

This website is hosted by Squarespace. Squarespace collects personal data when you visit this website, including:

  • Information about your browser, network and device

  • Web pages you visited prior to coming to this website

  • Your IP address

Squarespace needs the data to run this website, and to protect and improve its platform and services. Squarespace analyzes the data in a de-personalized form.

Third-party tracking

I do not currently use a third-party tracking software like Google Analytics to monitor website usage. Should I add that in the future to improve my communication with you, I will update this policy. 

How I protect your data

The only data that I collect through the platforms I use in almost all instances is name and email address. Some of the platforms I use do track IP addresses, but these large companies are all about data protection and with the advent of GDPR have gone to truncating the IP addresses so they are not traceable. Pathwright, Squarespace, and Mailchimp all have excellent privacy controls and I do not maintain personal files with customer data unless you have ordered a physical product from me (see physical product section).


There are a lot of myths out there about cookies. They are simply a part of how the internet runs. This site does use cookies to allow it to work better for you. I have added a cookie banner at the bottom of the site to alert you to this fact. You will be shown the banner once every 30 days and continued use of the site indicates that you are okay with cookie use.