The Petrified Forest Tapestries book

You can purchase a copy of the book I made about my Petrified Forest Tapestries. This book is about the time I spent as artist-in-residence at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona in 2016. While there I wove a 2 x 2 inch tapestry each day depicting something I saw or was thinking about. 

I made two versions of the book. One is a smaller softcover book which costs less. The other is a larger hardcover book with bigger photos and easier to read text. Both can be ordered through Blurb Publications. You can see both books in their entirety online at the pages linked below. 

The 7 x 7 inch, 60 page, softcover book looks like this and can be purchased HERE.  

7 x 7 inches, 60 pages, soft cover book

The larger hardcover book can be seen and ordered HERE. It is 10 x 8 inches, 62 pages, hardcover with image wrap.

This version of the book is also available for purchase in a downloadable PDF which can also be viewed on all your devices.

10 x 8 inches, 62 pages, hardcover with image wrap (cover is printed right on the book)

I do have tapestries that need new homes. Please click the button below for a page of my current work for sale.


Yes, I used to sell a few looms. I do not sell any looms or tools currently. Please check my online classes for recommended sources. If you aren’t in my online classes, you can find more about them HERE.