Little Looms

Debra Brown, Little Looms tapestry

Debra Brown, Little Looms tapestry

Weaving tapestry is a wonderful way to explore your innate creativity while working with that most versatile and luscious material, yarn. Weaving images with yarn is a wonderful way to tap into the inner artist that exists inside you.

Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms is an online class that shows you how to warp and weave on small pegged or slotted looms. I also include a video about warping copper pipe looms and resources about how to make them.

This class teaches you about different small looms and how to warp them. We go over how to make headers and the basics of making the shapes all woven images are composed of. We look at different projects and I offer inspiration from small-format tapestry weavers. You can see the entire course contents below. If you have questions, please do contact me!

This course addresses tapestry weaving from a traditional techniques perspective. Our goal is to make images in weaving, constructing the ground cloth as we weave the image. Tapestry weaving has existed for tens of thousands of years and there are some basic rules that are important when constructing a textile in this way. I'll teach you the foundations of tapestry weaving and get you started on a life-long exploration of expression through yarn.

And if you've already flown down the tapestry rabbit-hole, please do still join us for this class. There is much for even an intermediate tapestry weaver to experience here.

Taking this class was the best thing I did for myself. I absolutely love it & all the great people I’ve met online through this class!
— Cooky Schock, comment on Facebook about Little Looms

I highly recommend this class. It is wonderful!!!!!
— Ila McCallum upon completing Little Looms

Thought the course was great! Organization was the key. . . I can go back any time to improve. Thumbs up. Weaving speak and terms like sett, epi, and warp sizes were clearly explained. So we can now all talk the same language. Yay!

And to know that there’s a whole bunch of us, who give it a go, get inspiration from daily things, or travel and interpret the scenery into their weaves is what really appeals. And most of all, for me, it’s about slowing down and getting into the zone. Thank you Rebecca for all that you do for us through your weaving. It’s a wonderful thing.
— Judy Thomas, Australia

Course outline

These are the steps included in the course. READ steps include printable handouts. WATCH steps are videos. Numbers in parenthesis are times of the videos.

Introductory information

Helen Smith, Swim Little Fishies, weaving done in Little Looms class

Helen Smith, Swim Little Fishies, weaving done in Little Looms class

READ     How the course works
WATCH     Tour of the course (13:17)
To-Do     Class Community
READ     Materials list
READ     Tapestry terminology
WATCH     Little looms introductory video  (3:35)
READ     Yarn sources
READ     Video index

Meet the looms
READ     Looms and tools
WATCH     About little looms, tools, and materials  (12:13)
WATCH     Making a copper pipe loom  (14:19 + extra for 16:09)

Warping little looms

Introduction to warping
READ     Introduction to warping handout
WATCH     Warping introduction  (8:38)
WATCH     The half-hitch header and its many uses  (9:12)

Warping specific looms
READ     Warping various looms
WATCH     Warping pegged looms (8:37)
WATCH     Warping slotted looms like the Hokett (15:57)
WATCH     Warping a copper pipe loom (12:12)

How to start your weaving: headers

Why pick a particular header?
WATCH     How weaving works  (4:54)
WATCH     Choosing a header (5:30)

Monica Murphy,  Last Light,  Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada

Monica Murphy, Last Light, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada

Ways to make headers on little looms
READ     All the headers
READ     So you want a fast start?
WATCH     Headers: My regular header with hem  (25:53 + extra for 34:05)
WATCH     Headers: Using half-hitches you will see  (9:51)
WATCH     Headers: The invisible header  (5:17)
WATCH     Headers: Other simple header options (13:55)

Weaving a tapestry

Tapestry basics
READ     Technique basics
WATCH     Bubbling and weft tension  (9:51)
WATCH     Meet and separate  (12:22)
WATCH     Making basic shapes: squares and rectangles  (17:52)
WATCH     Making basic shapes: diagonals  (13:10)
WATCH     Making basic shapes: curves  (18:28)

Projects to weave
READ     Weaving projects and designs
WATCH     Some ideas from small format weavers  (8:59)
WATCH     Intro to weaving projects: some basic ideas  (5:14)
WATCH     Weaving projects: Landscapes, people, and letters!  (11:41)

How to end your weaving: finishing

Taking the piece off the loom
READ     Finishing and mounting
WATCH     Finishing  (22:39)
WATCH     Mounting small tapestries  (20:09)

Let's see what you made!
SUBMIT     Your finished piece


READ     Further tapestry resources
READ     Recommended reading
WATCH     Conclusion  (1:32)
WATCH     Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry  (3:14)

The Answer Vault

This section contains surprise bonuses and trainings. You'll see them when you register!

This video was made in November 2017, thus the holiday theme. It shows a small slice of the work that was done in this course during the first year it was live.

There is so much more to do! Come and weave with me and join the online community if you wish. (Please understand that community participation is completely optional. I'm talking to you extreme introverts out there! I know you. I'm one too.)

I wanted to let you know that I’m so glad I finally contacted you. Your little loom class was just what I was looking for! Even though I’m a bit tech challenged, I have finally taken the plunge and created a Facebook page so that I could join your Facebook class group.
— Maureen Harkins

Helen Smith, tapestry woven in Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms online class with Rebecca Mezoff

I am just so thrilled to have found Rebecca Mezoff’s course - it has been a real joy for me.

And a few months later...
I now have several of my pieces hanging in the gallery, right next to “proper” artists!!! How about that!!! I wanted to tell you because if not for you, this never would have happened and I wanted to thank you.
— Helen Smith, Herefordshire, UK


Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms is $129. That includes forever access and the secret Facebook group where you can ask questions of me and interact with hundreds of other weavers also in my online classes. Please contact me with any questions HERE.

It is wonderful to see all the works of others and read their comments. Everyone is eager and enjoying tapestry weaving. What could be better?
— Jo Librizzi

Blog posts/reviews of the Little Looms class

Another Small Tapestry Loom on Warped for Good blog

I loved this class!!! I have been trying my hand at weaving for about a year now, watching and reading what I could, but it didn’t all come together for me until I took this class! Thanks so much Rebecca for the great way you teach I can’t wait to take another class!
— Christy Miller after finishing Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms
As with all your online classes, Rebecca, this one is a winner! I had purchased a couple of Hokett looms in the past couple of years, and was researching online how to warp. Then your announcement of the Little Looms class—just what I was looking for! A class well constructed, videos to watch over and over, a community of weavers to read about and engage with, and a respected teacher that communicates quickly with students. What a magic formula! I’m hooked on your online formats, Rebecca, and so appreciate your feedback.
— Jocelyn Bentz, Washington, USA
Danielle Glover, tapestries from Weaving Tapestries on Little Looms

Danielle Glover, tapestries from Weaving Tapestries on Little Looms

This was an amazing course and I refer to it over and over again. I have loved the in-depth lessons, the information, the videos and so much more. I have learned that my little Hokett Loom is possible of so many things! Weaving small pieces is fun, informative and helps me work out weaving techniques and questions that I have. What a fun time I had with the course, and will continue to have! I love that I can keep coming to this classroom, anytime I want. Thank you Rebecca!
— Donna Wynn
I LOVED this course! What a kind and careful and encouraging teacher Rebecca is! The best sort - really! I started out as a total beginner: not “crafty,” no “textile arts” experience at all at age 67. I got the idea of weaving from three recent experiences: my granddaughters’ small tapestries from a summer arts program, an excerpt from a memoir that inspired me, and then seeing that I could start “small” with your course. I now have four small looms (one will be given away - don’t like it) and have found joy in simply sitting and working with my hands and all that beautiful color. I am not a natural at this - and don’t expect to be - but I’ve found something that I will enjoy for a long time.

It’s wonderful to have a learning curve again after retirement! It feels great to learn new things and be surrounded by such a warm and supportive group of weavers.

My take-away from this course is mainly that yes: I CAN learn things I thought were beyond me - if I keep at it. The resources in this course are outstanding and of highest quality. I learned a lot from each video and really appreciated the back-up documents, which gave details and reinforced the visual instructions. The discussion board offered up my own questions many times, and I found each q and a to enrich my own understanding of weaving approaches and avoidable pitfalls.

My final take-away - for weaving and for life itself: experiment and learn from mistakes! I learned the most from seeing my mistakes, pulling out the weft, and trying again. Right now, I can point out many aspects of my posted tapestry that could be improved, but I’ll work on those things as I go forward. Also, I haven’t mastered splicing and I sure intend to!

My next step is to take Rebecca’s warp and weft class and, after that, the color gradation course. I know that working with color is something I want to immerse myself in once I am more proficient with the basic skills.

Finally, thanks to all of you who made this first step into weaving so fun and exciting. It’s a real gift.
— Eileen Arnold upon finishing Little Looms

A BIG thank you!
I’ve just completed my first Hokett tapestry project and as a Senior I am thrilled to have this sight and your wonderful expertise on all of this. Rebecca you are wonderful and such a fabulous teacher. I know this takes a lot of work and energy to do all that you do and I thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. I love it and have just begun my journey. Here is my first project on the first sample of the hem with the twining and soumak and of course it’s not off the bitty loom yet but looking forward to so much more.
— Patty Dodge, Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms class
Patty Dodge, first tapestry from Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms online course

Patty Dodge, first tapestry from Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms online course