Are you interested in spending a week immersed in tapestry in a beautiful environment with like-minded people? These are the retreats I have scheduled.

Upcoming retreats

New Mexico 2019: Color use in the Land of Enchantment

January 24-28, 2019 in Taos, New Mexico. Mabel Dodge Luhan House was a gathering place for artists of all kinds 100 years ago. It continues to be such a gathering place today.
The house and conference center is now a national historic landmark. It opens its doors to small conferences for most of the year and I have finally managed to secure this date for a retreat there.
Open to advanced beginners to advanced tapestry weavers. You must have basic tapestry weaving skills such as completing the first two parts of THIS online class or similar evidence of weaving experience.

Registration is not yet open. I anticipate it opening  sometime in late September or early October as soon as the contract with MDL is finalized. I will give you a few weeks notice on the registration date in my newsletter, Tapestry Picks. Sign up for the newsletter on THIS page of this website.

Anticipated later in 2019

Vermont 2019: Good Commons in Plymouth, VT, date TBA

Colorado 2019: June 16-21 at CSU Mountain Campus outside Fort Collins, CO

Fourth retreat TBA when venue finalized.

Once again, a spectacular week in every way. Even the weather!! Advice to all — if you get a chance to attend one of Rebecca’s retreats, do it! Just save one space for me. Thank you, Rebecca, for another unforgettable week.
— Marilyn Switzer after her second Colorado retreat

Links to past retreat pages

If you want to get a sense for my retreats and which one might be best for you, browse these links.


Vermont 2018: Foundations Retreat

Colorado 2018: The design challenge. How do you know what to weave if you don't have an art background?


Vermont 2017:  Line it up!

Colorado 2017: Building a new practice of creating: drawing inspiration from your surroundings.


Vermont 2016: A masterclass in color and design.

Blog posts from participants in tapestry retreats

Beth Emmott: Tapestry camp
Donna Wynn: Tapestry camp: How I spent my summer vacation

I felt so validated in my design skills. With more skill learned from you, I trust my decision making enough that when I’m alone in my studio I will be able to design to my liking, with a lot of hard work! . . .

A wonderful workshop full of creativity, ideas, learning. You are a generous teacher, not holding back. It was an absolute pleasure being in your workshop.
— Cathie Beckman, Vermont retreat 2016
It was an experience I will never forget. From the moment my plane arrived till I left down the mountain, I was so thrilled to be there! Thank you Rebecca for fulfilling a “bucket list experience” for me. I came home a changed Tapestry Weaver and learned so much from you and all that gathered together. There was a passion there for learning this extraordinary art form and I was so grateful to be a part of it! Your spirit for teaching others and friendship will always be a gift to me! It was an incredible five day journey for me and I know for those who were able to attend.
— Donna Wynn, Colorado 2017 participant