I offer consultation via email in the following areas:

  • tapestry techniques
  • materials and loom choices for tapestry weaving
  • tapestry design questions including critique
  • how to get started in tapestry weaving

I do not currently offer studio visits or in-person teaching beyond my workshops and masterclasses. Please check my workshop page HERE for upcoming in-person learning experiences.

I offer an online beginning tapestry techniques class called Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry which is the best way to understand the basics of tapestry weaving. This comprehensive course will teach you all the basics and if you take the full version, you'll get as much help from me as you need along the way.

More advanced students might want to consider my online course, Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry.

My current hourly rate for consultation via email is $80 an hour. I simply keep track of the time it takes to answer emailed questions with a timer and send you an invoice periodically or when our discussion is finished. 

Please contact me with questions.