Where in the world is Rebecca?

If you're in my online classes and you haven't heard from me in a few days, check below to see if I have a scheduled day off. Of course sometimes I do miss emails or questions in the courses, so if you know I'm around and I don't answer within a day or two, let me know!* If you're not a member of my online school, expect a much longer response time (or jump into an online class if you have questions about tapestry weaving!).

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I’ll be out hiking a few times this summer and I’ll post the exact dates here when I know them. Otherwise, I’ll be here seeing what marvelous things you’re weaving.

Webinar with Sarah C. Swett & Rebecca Mezoff: July 20, 11am Mountain

Join us for a free and fun webinar about four selvedge warping (Fringeless!) and whatever other tapestry-related questions come up. We’ll share some of our current adventures and take your questions. Open to anyone but registration is required so that I can make sure I have enough seats in the webinar and no one gets denied access.

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vl2Q4eDVRNibvQSIj_d0_g

Tapestry retreat news

Vermont 2019: Color!
September 5-9, 2019. Registration is open for this retreat. Find more information and register here: https://rebeccamezoff.com/vermont-2019-retreat

Next year’s retreats are scheduled.
Save the date. They’re all listed HERE. I am still looking for a venue for a Foundations retreat in 2020 also.


Small Tapestry International 6: Beyond the Edge

I’m happy to announce that my tapestry, Displaced: Refugee Blanket has won the First Place Teitelbaum Award in this show. This show is the American Tapestry Alliance’s small format international juried biennial show. Show dates can be found on my exhibitions page.

I have posted some thoughts about the piece and where the imagery came from in two blog posts HERE and HERE.

Rebecca Mezoff, Displaced: Refugee Blanket, 10 x 10 x 5.5 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry, 2018


ATA’s new video: January 2019

The American Tapestry Alliance released this beautiful video. It is worth a watch.

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Untangled: A Crafty Sheep’s Guide to Tapestry Weaving
Updates for this book are HERE.


Which online classes does Rebecca answer questions in?

I love teaching and that sometimes leads me to answer questions in courses I have said I wouldn’t. And that has caused confusion. I apologize for this and will attempt to stick to the following breakdown.

Courses I do NOT answer questions

Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms
Self-directed Warp and Weft
Self-directed Color Gradation Techniques

Courses I DO answer questions

All-in-One Warp and Weft
Warp and Weft, Part 1
Warp and Weft, Part 2
Warp and Weft, Part 3
Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry
(complete course)
All 6 individual parts of CGT


Problems with comcast.net email addresses
If you use a Comcast email address and you're emailing me but aren't getting a response, I'm answering but you're not getting my email. There is a known problem between Comcast and Gmail and since all my email goes through Gmail accounts, I'm spending a lot of time replying to questions only to have you email me again with the same question a day later. I will only answer questions from a comcast account once... and I might send a test email before spending time typing a whole response. If you didn't get a reply to your inquiry, please check your spam filter, but in my experience, the emails just never reach you at all. If you use a comcast email address, please use an alternative email address to contact me if at all possible. Gmail is nice. 

December 2018: A kind student did some research into this Comcast situation because he uses a comcast.net email address and he found that my emails bounce because I include URLs to my website or anything else you might have asked about in the body or footer of the email. There is a way to keep Comcast from bouncing the email to spam.

  1. Go to the email server at Comcast.

  2. When you are at the email section click on the little gear in the upper right corner. This brings up a screen with settings.

  3. Click on Advanced Settings. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a bunch of settings. At the bottom is a check box called “Enable spam filtering”. Uncheck this box.

  4. It may look something like the screen shot below.

You can contact me reliably at THIS page on my website. If you choose not to disable the spam filter for Comcast, then please give me a non-Comcast email to respond do. If I notice you have a Comcast email and have no other option, I will strip all URLs out of the email which can make it difficult for me to answer your question!

Course questions are not affected.

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