A little bit proud

I just returned from a trip to St. Louis to see the tapestry show at Webster Arts. Warp and Weft is a show of works in tapestry currently up at Webster Arts. The artists have all been students of mine in some capacity over the last seven years. Some are new to the medium and attended a foundations retreat or online class and some have been weaving for decades and attended an advanced design class or workshop or took my color gradations class online.

The video below shows the gallery, my talk, and a rather jumpy walk-through of the work. (I promise I'll get a tripod with a video head one of these days!)

I enjoyed seeing the diversity of work in the show. There were pieces full of whimsy and pieces inspired by travel. There were color studies, shaped pieces, work motivated by political subjects, work expressing personal experiences, and landscapes. I enjoyed looking at all of it and felt so proud that I had at least a tiny bit to do with those tapestries being created and hanging there.

I was also so happy that so many of the artists came to the opening. It was wonderful to talk to all of you.

I couldn't post photos of every piece in the show, but hopefully you'll see them all in the video. Below are a few more photos of the show and opening. It runs through August 24th, so go see it if you're in the St. Louis area. The gallery is on the campus of Eden Seminary at 483 East Lockwood, Suite #108, Webster Groves, MO 63119.

Webster Arts Warp and Weft tapestry show

foreground: Victor Dively, Sun-kissed Acorn Squash, four-selvedge tapestry

Dora Green, Rainy Day Dreams

Warp and Weft opening, August 14th, 2018

Warp and Weft opening, August 14, 2018

Warp and Weft opening, just getting started! August 14, 2018

Click on the thumbnails in the gallery below for larger images and captions. (If you get the blog via email, you can click HERE for the full experience.)

On my way home I had a little time at the St. Louis airport. If you walk far enough in the Southwest terminal, you find the rocking chairs. Unfortunately they are built for giants.

The rocking chairs at St. Louis Lambert are LARGE!

Travel weaving...

List of participating artists:

Gretchen Adams         
Donna Andersen                   
Vicki Aspenberg               
Robin Beveridge         
Jeanne Bohlen                 
Jackie Bowcutt                    
Michele Braun  
Lynn Breckenridge            
Sara Brewer
Jenny Chicone
Kate Colwell            
Victor Dively                  
Michele Dixon          
Allie Dudley      
Molly Elkind
Beth Emmott         
Gretchen Flora
Hitomi Fujimoto
Dora Green                  
Patricia Jordan
Nancy Kramer      
Susan Love             
Karen Lucy
Sally Mack            
Marilyn Martynuk    
Marji McNeill                    
Sidsel Moreb               
Anna Mullins                       
Theresa Nietfeld            
Anne O'Neill                
Heather Olson                    
Bonni Opthof                 
Krista Park              
Susan Pierce             
Liz Pulos        
Marlena Rogers                 
Lu Ross
Judy Schoonmaker
Mansi Shah    
Elizabeth Shoeman
Ellen Summey
Marilyn Switzer
Jeane Vogel
Diane Wardlow              
Linda Watson               
Beverly Weaver                 
Trish White
Linda Whiting
Betsy Wing