A good day

Today is a good day.  First, my friend Sue gave me a dozen guinea eggs.  They are beautiful and I can eat them.  Second, I'm going to eat leftover spring rolls for dinner that my girlfriend made me when she visited last week... they're good and I continue to be impressed that she could make food like this which seems difficult to me, the culinary-impaired one.  

And third, I got a call from Weaving Southwest today saying that they sold one of my pieces.  The piece was called This Time I Dance (it was the second one in the series)... a piece I wove when thinking about how important weaving was to me and was starting to find some determination toward dancing my way through life instead of slogging through it and wishing I could be doing something I loved every day.  It was bought by a dancer.   I hope she loves it and remembers to keep dancing.  First piece ever sold in a gallery...  I'm kinda thrilled.