A very busy bunch of dye days...

Three full days of dyeing wool is great exercise.  I'm glad I get a break for a few days though as I wait for a dye I don't have to come in.  I love experimenting with new colors and found myself warming to the task as the days went along.  I started off with some basic colors (actually they look kind of like a candy store to me) and then started pulling out old dye formulas I haven't used in years and giving those a go.  It is amazing how many colors you can make--I think the combinations might be infinite.

Candy store colors

I still have a large pile of yarn to turn into balls so it can be used in workshops. I've never seen an electric ball winder, but wish I had such a thing!

I used an emerald green dye I found in my dye stash and ended up with a yarn that looked like it was intentionally variegated it was so uneven.  I believe some dyes are more prone to this than others and if I use this dye again I'll have to experiment with another leveling agent.  All I used on this skein was glauber's salt.  I considered overdyeing it, but decided that it would probably look interesting in a weaving and I'd see what happened.

And I was reading Debbie Herd's blog and pondering her question about whether posting photos of tapestries online before they are exhibited is a good idea.  I do think this is a good question.  It goes along with my questioning of whether blogging is a good idea in general. I think that the internet can be a benefit to us as artists... but consideration of how we use it is always important.  I agree that going to an exhibition and seeing work that hasn't been shown anywhere is exciting.  Sometimes I follow this little rule about not posting photos on my blog or website until the show has gone up, and sometimes I don't.  It all depends.  I think if I were doing a solo show I would wait to post photos until after the opening.