Weaving progress... last four days

Sometimes things move along at a very heartening pace...
Here I am after one day beginning a new piece which is 45 inches square.  (There are actually several colors here, you just can't see them in the photo.)

Day 1

Day 2
Note the quick progress here. I decided it would be smart to activate the date stamp on my camera to "prove" how fast I was progressing, though bright and skeptical family members might remind me that it can be easily changed to whatever I want it to be.

Day 3
Then things slowed down a little...
This photo was taken after a 4 mile, 3,000 foot climb.  That be some steep hiking (and we took the wussy trail).

Wheeler Peak from Lobo Peak (New Mexico Sangre de Cristos)

Cassy loves spring snow on a hot belly.
Day 4
And here is today's progress...  I think it was three sequences.

But I did work in the studio all day.  It was just that I had to figure out what I was doing once I finished the border, and it took this to do it.  
Those are various color combinations I was trying out for one aspect of the tapestry.  I just hope they work out once I put them in the actual piece or it is more sampling for me.  I often don't take the time to do a sample of something, but do realize that it really does help figure out what is going to work and what is going to be a colossal mistake.