Wrap on a raised warp...

James always told me, "advancing color wraps on a raised warp"...  (Frequently followed by, "why aren't you doing that?").

I am teaching a class at Intermountain Weaver's Conference next weekend (if you're interested there is an unexpected opening or two) and in preparation for this class (Color Gradation for Tapestry) I did a sampler in the hope that my explanations about hatching and hachure would be a little clearer than mud.  Since I chose two very contrasting colors to illustrate the hachures we are going to be learning, the results of not wrapping on the correctly oriented warp thread were extremely obvious.  I just wanted to share this graphic illustration...  And yes, I do realize that you're only going to get a charge out of this if you're a tapestry weaver... and possibly not even then.

This photo is from the back of the weaving (the side facing me as I was weaving).  I weave all my tapestries from the back.  I don't want to get into why right this moment.  I just do.  Wrapping an advancing color on a raised warp yields this bumpy hachure.
But magically when you look at the other ("right") side of the tapestry, it looks like I drew those angles with a straight edge.  Cool, eh?
Yep, I'm a bit of a weaving nerd.