The Wedding

This blog is intended to be a place to write about fiber and mostly tapestry weaving. Some days my life creeps in much more than I intend. The most important event this year was my wedding to Emily on July 14th. I also don't intend this blog to be any sort of political statement. I am sorry that my wedding even CAN be a political statement (and no, I won't engage you on the Chick-fil-A mess). I am overjoyed to say that I met the partner of my dreams and she agreed to marry me. We had a wonderful ceremony surrounded by supportive family and friends.

In the state of Vermont we are legally married and that was very important to us. The marriage license was waiting for us when we got home. It means something. I can't describe to you why it is so important, but it is. We chose Vermont in part because it seemed like a place that wouldn't back out in the future... that the piece of paper would remain valid. We chose to get married legally because it meant something to enter into something that is meant to be permanent. Please don't debate me in the comments. If you don't agree with gay marriage, that is your path to walk. Leave me to mine.

For those of you who celebrate our wedding, here are a few photos and words about the experience.
We saw a lot of Vermont in our search for a wedding site. We found a beautiful place at Coolidge State Park near Plymouth. And there we got married on July 14th, 2012.

We got married in Vermont because we wanted a state where two women could get married legally and we didn't want to go to another country (Canada being the logical choice). Vermont was the state of the list that we were most attracted to. So we made our families travel (no one lives anywhere near Vermont) and we had a small wedding in Plymouth.

photo: Cornelia Theimer Gardella
Note: Wedding photos were taken by Cornelia Theimer Gardella, an excellent friend, an amazing tapestry artist, and one great photographer. We haven't seen the rest of the photos yet, but they are going to be amazing.

This was one of our favorite wedding gifts.  The Maria-bugs (Marienkafer) came from Germany and accompanied us on the rest of our road trip making frequent stops and cameo appearances, some of which you may witness here.

Our friends and family were wonderful coming from all over the country and world. There were lots of kids and babies and great food and croquet playing and hot tubbing. It was marvelous and difficult to leave when the place was empty again.