Inkle weaving... and an inkle loom for sale

I have a beautiful little Schacht inkle loom that I need to sell. Actually I have two of them. One I am keeping as I use it to weave little things and sometimes for therapy. But I don't need two of them, so this one is looking for a new home. $40 plus shipping.

Here is one of my little weaving kids weaving on my loom. Alas she soon lost interest. Such is the way with the special education kids I work with. Sometime I'll bring some kind of loom they can weave a picture on.

And here is what I tend to do with my inkle loom (if I'm not using it for kids to weave on)... you can weave all kinds of important things on this little loom. This particular band was a proposal of matrimony. Yes, I take commissions! :)

Note 9/19/12: The inkle loom has sold, but if you have a dusty one in your closet, dust it off and teach a kid to weave something on it.