Warped and ready to go!

I have taught a good number of workshops now, but still have difficulty getting everything pulled together and ready to go. The hardest is flying to a workshop. How do you limit the yarn supply after all? But today I am driving. I'm teaching in northern Colorado and am looking forward to revisiting my old graduate school stomping grounds.

I spent much of the fall in my dye shed (whoop whoop!) dyeing yarn for upcoming classes. I love doing this, especially when the weather is warm. And I accumulated a great pile of yarn and felt good about my readiness for the future. And then I decided to be responsible when packing for the class this weekend and made a spreadsheet with yarn inventory.  Fortunately, people seem to like my yarn and I tend to sell much of it at workshops. Unfortunately that means that I am constantly out of some colors. It looks like I have another 30 colors or so to dye for the spring. Lets hope we get some warm days in November! (And yes, I'm still working on red and apparently also brown. I dyed brown for this class and though I did some test samples first, the large skeins came out a beautiful mauve color.)

So my cardboard boxes and suitcases are packed. My Mirrix is warped and ready for the car (when oh when will Mirrix make a carrying case for their looms?). I have rolled up a couple tapestries as a surprise show and tell for the tapestry gang I'm going to teach, and I have spent some time hunting down and printing off all appropriate maps. I am ready. I just have to make it through a day of kids and meetings before heading north on a five hour drive to Loveland. I suppose the packing and readiness for workshops will just fall into place after awhile, but for now I still bite my fingernails (and I'm not a fingernail biter) worrying that I am going to forget something important, like my brain I suppose.

Thanks to Kathe Todd-Hooker for this bumper sticker!