Sometimes your website just isn't there...

Well, technology seems to have failed me. In the alphabet soup of CNAME, Type A, IP addresses, domains, and DNS managers, my website has flown into the ether. I have all faith that it still exists out there, but it is not visible at the moment due to a snafu I caused between my domain host and my website host. At least I think I caused it. I was messing with the domain host last week and then returned to the website last night to try to complete the switch to a new platform. To my chagrin, it wasn't there.

So my apologies to anyone who was looking for it. It will reappear with any luck by Wednesday. I suspect I am going to need some tech help to clear it up though, so wish me luck with the technical lingo.

So, a temporary respite from web presence. It isn't a bad thing. Unless that one client who was really going to commission a tapestry was looking for your stuff at the moment it happened to be down. Hopefully that isn't my luck this week.

6/4/13: Well, I am partway to figuring out the website problem. I currently use Squarespace for my host and things are working well there.
So you can see the website by clicking this link: Never Mind! It is back up!
The regular links should work again very soon... and it works again at 4pm Tuesday. Whew.