A little bit overboard

Have you ever reached that moment when you suddenly realized you had gone completely overboard and if you didn't stop yourself you'd have lost the whole day into the black hole of perfectionism?

I reached that moment when I was packaging this tapestry for shipment to it's new owner.
Cherry Lake, 8 x 13 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry
I had already gone to three stores for packaging material and as I was putting the tapestry between pieces of foam core I was absolutely sure I needed some binder clips to hold the whole thing together. Completely sure the tapestry couldn't be shipped without binder clips. I picked up my keys and was halfway out the door when it hit me. I had spent the last 3 hours packaging a tapestry which honestly would be fine just rolled in muslin and it was going to be fine without the binder clips. I slapped some plastic tape on the edges, liberally applied bubble wrap, and headed for FedEx (to stand in line for on two consecutive days as it turned out).
For whatever reason this tapestry ended up velcroed to foam core with wooden shims on the sides so the tapestry didn't get squished. It was some Home Depot-inspired scheme I think. The excessive choices available in that store led to a hyper-packaged tapestry. At least that is my story.
I really liked this little piece. It just came home from Small Tapestry International 3. I am glad it has found a new home.