James Koehler's tapestry process... the last video

I was bumming around the internet looking for an image of James Koehler's work to show my online class and I found this video now posted. This is a part of a longer movie which I have, but didn't know that it had been shown on PBS and is now online. I was working in his studio when this was shot. In fact he tried to get me to do the ball-winder scene, but I thought better of it. This video gives you a little peek at the process he used for creating tapestries.
The structure gives me limitations. If one understands the limitations of the medium you're working in, you also understand the possibilities. The other lesson that the loom has really taught me is the importance of being consistent in decision-making in my life. The rhythm at the loom, the passing of the shuttles through the tapestry, the back and forth motion, all of that has helped me develop as a person.       --James Koehler, 2010

Note: Just to be clear, this is not my video. It was made by Karen Cantor of Singing Wolf Documentaries and you can find it HERE.