Playing with yarn... randomly on a Monday

Yesterday I pulled out a pack of yarn that I have been kicking around for quite a few months. Actually to be perfectly honest, I ran across it under a pile of knitting that is awaiting finishing and thought, well this would be a great way to spend a Sunday.

How fun is this? 114 colors in 10-yard skeins. 
Tapestry weavers, meet EPiC.
Though I love working with my Harrisville Designs singles yarn, I'm always testing the market for yarns to recommend to students. Finding the right colors for tapestry weaving if you're not a dyer can be difficult. This palette is really nice. I ordered directly from Mary Ann Beinecke but it looks like it is available in cones from the Yarn Barn of Kansas. I think this yarn is quite thin for beginner tapestry weavers, but if you have facility with managing a weft bundle, here is a yarn to consider. I'll be giving it a test-run on a loom soon.
The weekend was full of writing tasks and some hours digging my office out from under the piles of paper, books, and yarn that accumulate when I let it all go to long. I seem to only be able to do this after I meet a big deadline. Yesterday was it.

Monday has hit hard and I am on fire. I've put in the hours answering some excellent questions for the online classes, decided on some new directions for classes, shoveled through a bunch of bills and outstanding emails, and I made a new folder for my file cabinet labeled "Taxes 2015" into which I could put the receipts for the paid bills. Organization. If I could just move this efficiently every day, I'd have a gallery full of new tapestries soon.

Later today I hope for some of this
and some of this.
And that will be a day.
(PS That is my very first ever spinning, so don't be too hard on me!)

UPDATE 1/27/15: I just found out that Mary Ann Beinecke (MAB) died November 24th, 2014. It sounds like she was an amazing woman and I wish I had met her.