When what you make doesn't feel so great.

I've been thinking about finishing today. Perhaps that is because I just cut a big piece off the loom last night and it feels pretty good to have the weaving part of it done.

This Ira Glass quote turned into a 2 minute video came across my desktop today and I thought I should share it with you. Ira talks about what happens when you begin. How when you start making things and you're learning a new skill, what you make isn't that good. It is easy to get discouraged and give up. But people don't fail because they aren't good at something. They fail because they stop trying.

So if you're weaving your first set of tapestries and you aren't all that happy with what is coming off your loom, keep trying! Give yourself some credit for working at it. The practice will pay off. Notice what you love about the piece even if it is something as small as a specific color or yarn choice. Notice that thing you like and write it down. Use that bit of information in the next iteration.

And then start again. Because you'll only get better by practicing.

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