Weaving tapestry on small looms: Hokett looms and beyond

Weaving on a portable loom. I can take it camping and even backpacking. It fits in my bag for long evenings kid-sitting or chatting with friends and it is a great companion for road trips especially when I'm not driving. I have been messing around with these Hokett looms for years now and this particular loom got to come on a quick camping trip in northern Colorado last weekend. I think she liked the stars the most.

I made the video below in response to a question in my online course. I have had quite a few people do some of the exercises in the class on Hokett looms and a few people did the whole course on one. When you're traveling in Indonesia, a small loom like this and an internet connection is all you need, right? This video shows one way to warp a Hokett loom.

You don't actually need a fancy loom to be a tapestry weaver. I have many (many) opinions about what makes a good tapestry loom, but sometimes it is nice to throw all of that out the window and just sit down with something that you can warp in two minutes.

Because I know you'll ask... 

Jim Hokett, master of sawdust and beautiful hardwoods, makes these little looms in his workshop in Magdalena, NM. The 6-dent versions are sold in numerous shops all over the world. The 8-dent versions are available through me or Jim. http://www.rebeccamezoff.com/shop/