...and then I kept weaving

So far this year has been about trying to get this commission done. I still have a long way to go, but progress is being made. I was hoping these little guys would help me out. I spotted them cavorting around the studio late one evening and left them a few cookie morsels in the hopes they would do a little weaving while I slept. 

But alas, the next morning, not a single new pick had been woven.

I do not usually watch things or even listen to the radio when weaving. But I've found with this commission that a little TV, a video course, or NPR does help me keep my butt on the bench. Yesterday, I started watching The Crown. In my family, we'll occasionally watch a Netflix show in the evening with dinner before returning to work (or a book). In this case, it was clear that Emily was perfectly happy to let me binge alone. Four episodes yesterday produced quite a few inches of weaving. We'll see what a few more today can produce.

If anyone knows how to teach/bribe studio gnomes to weave, please let me know.