I've read a bit about silkworms... and silk. It is a subject that could engross one for a lifetime I believe. Heather Winslow's pre-conference class at Midwest Weaver's Conference this year was about silk and one of her students raises silkworms. And she brought some to class! My classroom was just down the hall so I made a pest of myself and went to look.

I'm sure many of you know much more about silk than I, so tell us what you know in the comments. 

Silkworm hanging out in an egg carton in Heather Winslow's class at Midwest Weaver's Conference.

And here is a short video which I shot with my iPhone hand-held at short range so don't let it make you seasick. (remember if you get my blog via email you may not see this video. Please go to my blog online to view it: