The pressure was too much

I woke up one day a few weeks ago and realized that all the pressure comes from me. 

To be honest, I didn't just realize this. I've known it for a long time and some wise people have reinforced it lately. I put an immense amount of pressure on myself to run a successful tapestry studio. And that needle of where "success" is keeps moving every time I get there.

That isn't healthy for me or anyone else.


So I'm taking a step back on a few things this year. Yes, I still have lofty goals, but I'm giving myself a little more time to accomplish them. I know that you all want things from me like an online dye class and a video index. Those things are in process in some fashion. But they aren't going to be done tomorrow because there is only one of me and I forget that frequently.

For the last few months, I've been saying that I was going to restrict the Warp and Weft online class to registration three times a year. I would like people to work in cohorts and that is one way to help that happen. But the fact of the matter is, I want to encourage people to take a step forward. If something goes away, we are more likely to go for it before it is gone.

Humans are mostly like this, aren't we? We think,

"I'll take that cooking class right after we move and the kitchen is unpacked..." 

"I'll start that walking/nature experience program the city is offering next year when work will be less busy..."

"I'll take that online tapestry class right after I get Mom settled in assisted living and I don't have to worry about her so much..."

But what if you took that online class WITH your Mom? Or what if that thing you really want to try was the thing for you and you never got around to it? You know, that activity that you love and that leads your heart to new places, adventures, explorations, and understandings. But you missed it because you were busy keeping the sidewalk clear of debris.

I'm not going to cut off access to the Warp and Weft: Learning the Structure of Tapestry online class right now. The pressure of what that means for me is too much this month. It might happen in the future, but I'll warn you when it does.

For now you can sign up any old time you want to. But for my sake and yours, consider making that day today! The class is a wonderful way to explore your abilities, get your hands in some yarn, and make some art.

Is today the day to start?

What things do you pressure yourself about? What things can you let go of because maybe they don't serve you well anymore? What new things do you want to try? Leave a comment below.

Mezoff Hokett loom weaving.jpg