In which I talk about all things "tapestry" on the Weave podcast with Sarah Resnick

Sarah Resnick has launched a new podcast about weaving. I have been listening to it all this year and have been inspired by her interviews. I also appreciate the variety of people she interviews and the things I can learn about other parts of the world as well as other parts of my world that I wasn't aware of.

A couple weeks ago she interviewed me and the podcast is now up. You can find Weave on iTunes or wherever else you get your podcasts. Or you can go straight to the show on the Gist Yarn website to listen and see the show notes and images. Click HERE.



A big thanks to Sarah for doing the hard work of putting these podcasts together. This kind of information helps bind us together as weavers and opens our world to new perspectives and possibilities. 

Weave on!

The video below is a clip from the podcast. Click HERE to hear the entire interview! If you get my blog via email, you will need to go to the post online to see this clip. But really, just go to the podcast and listen!

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