That Sunday night stabby feeling

For several years I've noticed that Sunday evenings feel a little rough. I get crabby and tend to react more negatively to those I love. I have a general stabby feeling that spinning or weaving doesn't soothe.

Sunday evening comes before Monday and Monday morning can be the rockiest bit of my work week.

Then again, it is really all in my perspective.

The past week presented some challenges, at least one of which was significantly daunting. Sunday night brought the knowledge that I would have to deal with this challenge in an email on Monday morning. Upon waking this morning, I took a deep breath and spent some time in my quiet place. I felt settled, made some breakfast, and wrote that email. The response was immediate and positive. Though I lost something, I am healthy and solidly happy and ready to move forward.


I get the largest student response in my online classes over the weekend, so Mondays are the day I have to respond to all of those questions. I used to dread the hours it takes to cover the weekend's questions, but over time I've come to enjoy seeing what happened in tapestry world over the last couple days. Today I logged into the online platform and there were no questions in my queue. Instead of feeling elation, I was disappointed. What had my students been doing all weekend if they weren't weaving?

I soon realized there had been a (very rare) glitch in the online hosting platform and the notifications hadn't been sent to me. There were indeed questions and they were recoverable: relief, routine, and the joy of seeing what people all over the world were asking about tapestry over the last 48 hours.

The stabby feeling of Sunday nights has lessened in the last six months. I attribute most of this to my own increased self-awareness. I've taken on a consistent meditation practice and working with my mind in conjunction with my fiber pursuits which are also very centering, has helped me approach Mondays with humor and even a little anticipation.

My experience of each moment is mostly in how I choose to approach it. 

May your Monday be similarly blessed with good humor and a healthy dose of perspective.

P.S. There was a very exciting bunny rescue outside my studio this morning! My studio is in the basement and there is one of those large windows that has a well around it because otherwise it would be underground. This well is about 5 feet deep. I heard an irregular and loud bumping against the window. There was a tiny baby bunny in the well and he was valiantly trying to jump up the 5 foot walls to safety. A rescue was immediately mounted and he hopped back to his little hole under the deck.