And the winner is...

Fringeless is running and I've already seen some fantastic things happening.

Sarah wove three enchanting tapestries during the filming of the course and we had a drawing for one of them yesterday morning. Everyone who registered before midnight July 9th was included in the drawing.

Congratulations Pamela Mullen! This one is coming to live with you.

Four selvedge tapestry by Sarah C. Swett

This course has been so much fun to make. There is nothing better than spending six months collaborating with a colleague and friend to make something like this. Fringeless is entertaining to watch, but it also teaches you to weave four selvedge tapestries. And that is a gift that can lead just about anywhere!

Now that it is finished, I'm at loose ends.* I think I'll go warp one of those looms for another four selvedge tapestry. Why not?

*Not really. The list of things I put off while working on the class is long. 

**All photos on this page are tapestries woven by Sarah C. Swett