France Tapestry Tour 2019, Episode 8, Aubusson Day 1

Aubusson was a wonderful stay and a great way to end the tapestry tour. I have several videos about this town including the one below. On the first day there we went to Felletin to see Pinton Manufactory and a few other things.

The video has some video and images of the visit to Fellatin, a surprise meeting of Michal Garcia (the master natural dyer Michal Garcia), and an atelier visit in Aubusson. It was interesting to see the different approach in this workshop versus what we saw in Paris and Beauvais. We have many interesting conversations with weavers about these differences and I talk about that a little bit in the video.

The studio we went to at the end of the day that I talk about in the video is Just’lissiéres Studio. Their Facebook page is here:

Aubusson, France