France Tapestry Tour, Episode 5: Angers' Apocalypse

The trip as a whole was phenomenal. I got home late last night. One of the highlights for me was seeing the Apocalypse tapestry. I will write a whole post about it soon, but for now, this video blog gives you some idea of our first full day in Angers. We followed the Apocalypse with Lurcat’s Chant du Monde which was quite fitting since he was creating a response to the Apocalypse (which in itself is incredibly ballsy, don’t you think?). I’ll show you that one in the next episode.

A few brief notes before you watch the video:

  • The Apocalypse is now housed in a building built for it in the mid 20th century and renovated in 1996 which is inside the Chateau of Angers

  • created between 1373 and 1377

  • commissioned by Louis I of Anjou

  • 140 meters long and an astounding 850 meters square.