Okay Monday, you win

This is what I thought as I lay in bed this morning a full hour after my alarm went off (oops): "Okay Monday, you win."

But then things didn't go so badly. You see, I have decided to let Monday be what it is. What it invariably is is a day full of computer work to catch up from the weekend. My inbox can be staggering and there are always more questions from the online courses.

But today, though there were a lot of them, the questions were excellent. I made a video for someone because I realized my original explanation wasn't all that clear. I think it helped. I made some new illustrations and this evening I'm going to make a video about how to do a set-in that a student has been struggling with for a week. Sometimes the only thing that works is video.

I had a lovely email from a gentleman who wanted to get his wife a tapestry course for Christmas, and then he did! (I hope she is thrilled. There is nothing like a partner who understands a good fiber fix for the holidays.)

I got a flat tire on the way home from the post office, but it was just as I was pulling into the driveway. Serendipity or a message from the universe? (This old Volkswagen is NOT going to get new tires for Christmas.)

The day I decided to let Monday be itself and stopped fighting it by wishing it to be something that perhaps contained some time at a loom, Mondays started going a lot better. I still have to change the flat, but that old car and I know how to get it done.