Northern New Mexico College

A bit of a mish-mash

Well, the blog has been exceptionally quiet lately. All I can say is that I am focusing on a very large project. I'll tell you more about it when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel a little more clearly. And today was the first day in a long time there weren't any students or visitors in the studio and I could buckle down and work without interruptions.

So here are a few highlights from the last couple weeks.
We had some snow. This is noteworthy for Santa Fe, though I realize a great number of you don't care one bit.

I paid a visit to El Rito where I first started learning tapestry. The visit was in the service of the big project mentioned above. I was thrilled that my teacher Karen Martinez was in the fiber art building at Northern NM College (on a Saturday!) and I got to take a couple photos inside. That wide standing loom near the back left of the room? That was mine.

And believe it or not, my first studio was in this building. You can see a photo of me weaving inside on my website HERE. The walls of that building are 5 feet thick adobe. No kidding. That adobe held stubbornly to the cold all winter and the little woodstove seemed to do little to keep my extremities warm. It was cool in the summer though.

I stopped by the church that commissioned some pulpit hangings years ago and found the advent piece ready for the season. This piece is called Anthem.
And I had the great good fortune to learn a thing or two from this teacher:

I hope those of you who are from the United States had a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving... and that you didn't end up in the ER with indigestion you thought was gallstones. Just saying.