Santa bites it

Let's do this thing

Christmas is over.
Even Santa thinks so.

I got home yesterday from a great two week vacation. I spent a lot of time with these people...
Four goofballs pulling a sled with two tiny urchins. The sled was made for me when I was a baby in Alaska. Needless to say, it is old.
Marshmallow sculptures were made though it should be noted that Emily roasted hers over a candle and made tiny smores.
Stella. She has a tongue problem.
I can still hear, "My bad Rashad!" and "I know, right?" echoing through my head courtesy of this one-year-old. A snappy come-back is absolutely necessary with four older siblings.
New Mexico was freezing and Mississippi was warm and rainy. There were bubble machines in the vet clinic and cats in the chimney. MRSA barbie made an appearance next to Princess Elsa from Frozen (times two) and the family quarrels were kept to a low hum. We played board games and ate too much processed cheese food. It was great.

I've got the post-vacation blues today. The house is full of half-unpacked bags and the Christmas lights just aren't as cheery. I knitted about 30 of those little wine cork trees either because I missed my loom or I was trying to stay awake through the 7th episode in a row of Pretty Little Liars. Either way.