Tapestry Opening

"We're a little early!" ...getting ready for a studio opening

Conni and I have been working hard on the studio the last week preparing it for the opening this weekend. Saturday in fact. As today is Thursday, it is coming on like a freight train. Fortunately the city simplified things a bit by not allowing us to serve wine (sorry about that, but honestly the permit was impossible to get and I didn't think the fine was worth it. I might change my mind if I sold a couple tapestries though--which I am sure will happen anyway! And I'm not implying I have to get people drunk to purchase my work. It is stellar).

Saturday afternoon Conni and I were working on the handouts for the tapestry design class we are teaching September 22nd to 24th when someone came in the studio. We glanced at each other in puzzlement before welcoming our guests.

The two weavers came in and said, "We're a little early!" I couldn't help but say, "Early for what?" And then realized they were a week early for the opening. Better early than not at all.

Here is the opening information again:

We still have a few openings for the tapestry class Sept 22nd, 23rd, and 24th in our studio.  There is more information on my website HERE. It is going to be an exciting class for me and I hope for the students. Conni and I have different approaches to tapestry in many ways and this is going to compliment the information shared in the class in wonderful ways. And we have the great advantage of teaching in our studio so we have unending access to books, materials, yarn, and of course, the internet.

Come and join us for the opening or the class. You're invited!

Studio Opening, September 21, 2013

Cornelia Theimer Gardella and I share a studio in the Second Street art district in Santa Fe. We are having a party! We are so pleased to have this studio on Lena Street and we want to invite all of you to our opening from 4-6 pm on September 21st.

We still have some spots in our class, Successful Design for Tapestry the three days after the opening. There is more information about the class on my website HERE.