People who knit at breakfast

I was at YarnFest in Loveland, Colorado this week. I just pulled out my camera and downloaded my photos only to find I took only a few. But you're in luck because I did apparently take more with my cell phone.

This happens at a conference. I am so focused on making sure that my teaching materials are prepared and that I haven't forgotten something important (like that connector cord from the Mac computer to the digital projector... most important piece of equipment ever).

I was thrilled to be teaching at a venue that was just down the highway a bit from my home and studio. Interweave did a great job putting this on.

I did a lot of prep for this conference... including making looms.
Kathe Todd-Hooker has instructions for this loom in her book, Tapestry 101.

And warping many looms for the Tapestry Answers class...

Putting together exercises and packing it all into the car...

There is the arrival and finding the teaching room...

And the unpacking of all the stuff early the next morning before the students arrive. And then welcoming everyone to a fun-filled day of tapestry experiences.

Ten points if you can tell me who my surprise student was in the Color class (I was secretly thrilled and a little terrified)... of course the points aren't redeemable for anything, but we like to get points here in America.

I only had time for one quick run through the vendor hall, and the most shocking thing is that I purchased nothing. I dare say had I felt a little less pressed for time, that shawl pattern and a few skeins of yak would have come home with me.

This particular hotel had a manger's reception each night. I did manage to sit long enough to have a glass of wine before heading to the Yarn Along on Friday.

I did get to hear Clara Parkes speak on Saturday night and that was marvelous. I stayed up a little too late one night reading her new book, Knitlandia. It starts in Taos, NM and how could I not keep reading?

I did a wee bit of knitting at breakfast one day. There were people with knitting and crocheting and spinning wheels everywhere. These were my people... People Who Knit At Breakfast.

I met a few new instructors and many new fiber enthusiasts. I had time to talk to some editors from Interweave and catch up with a few old friends.
Rebecca Mezoff, Emergence IV