knitting off broadway

Off Broadway

And as a last bit about my trip to Fort Wayne, I couldn't resist mentioning their fantastic yarn store, Knitting Off Broadway. This is probably one of the best I've been to. They had the right mix of gorgeous yarns that included some gorgeous yarns I could afford. They had an astounding collection of terrific patterns, and Natalie and Tami knew everything that was in the shop and where to find it.

The stone sheep that meet you at the door (in the back in case you go) are perfect for a yarn shop. Who needs stone lions?

I have to find one of these old hotel mail slot thingies to hold my knitting yarn. Emily is gasping right now at the thought of that much knitting yarn, but I probably could fill at least half of it with what is stuffed in the bottom of my closet and in the ottoman in the living room right now.

Because I was traveling light on the trip to Fort Wayne, I bought a bit more yarn than I could stuff in my little bag. Natalie, being the great business woman she is, was quick to say she could ship it to me.  A few days after I got home this pile of yarn arrived in the mail. It was Christmas all over again. I can't wait to dig into some of those new Steven West patterns Natalie!