resistance to starting

Resistance to possibility.

I was just reading a blog post by Tommye Scanlin which resonated with where I am right now. Beginning a new tapestry is hard. I have no problem whipping out a knitting pattern and grabbing the first yarn that might remotely work from my stash, but starting a tapestry is a whole different ball game. Somehow knitting just doesn't scream commitment like tapestry does.

As Tommye says, it is hard as rocks (of course she was weaving rocks so maybe she has a better position from which to say that). I like to think that other tapestry weavers have similar struggles with beginning and that this is somehow different from other art mediums. I suspect I am wrong about the other mediums. It is probably just as hard.

Tapestry somehow seems difficult because of the fear of beginning something I absolutely hate. It takes so long to weave a tapestry that the fear of making that mistake can be paralyzing. I often think about a design for months or even years before I even write something down. I fuss with it more, draw various iterations. Eventually I just have to start. Often what primes me is starting to dye. Sometimes I dye a bunch of sample colors in jars if I am really stuck. This gives me the opportunity to see multiple colors with less effort and time in case I make a real stinker.
But ultimately I have to get over the indecision and pick colors and start weaving.

And sometimes all that stuckness that I work out through dyeing means that I have this much yarn for a very small area of a tapestry.
At least I have choices.
...and as it turns out in this case, not enough yarn for the major color areas of the tapestry. Back to the dye pots.

As Tommye quoted,
"Begin at the beginning," the King said very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
(Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland)