Convergence Day 3

Convergence Day 3.
A quick post with more detail to come. Convergence has been wonderful and exhausting... so much going on in my head.

The opening of Interwoven Traditions: New Mexico and Bauhaus
Unfortunately my camera card malfunctioned and I didn't get any shots from the opening tonight. Here are a few Emily took.

Conni Gardella, me, and Maria Wilson. Maria is one of my unsung heroes (I am singing now I suppose). She is a well-known ikat weaver who has not woven for many years due to eyesight problems and stubbornly refuses to teach me ikat! She is unfailingly gracious and beautiful and I appreciate her kind words and encouragement about my tapestry career immensely.

Open Spaces Gallery, opening 4-8 this evening. The gallery space is beautiful. We were fortunate to get this space and I am grateful to Joshua Willis for all his help in hanging this show and making the exhibit happen. Open Space Visitor Center is a wonderful place and I highly recommend a visit.

Emily got two bouquets of beautiful flowers for the opening. Unfortunately due to the technological malfunction I don't have a photo of them at the actual gallery. This is Megan and I with the daisys.