Open Space Visitor Center

Bauhaus lecture at Open Space Gallery

Today we had an event at the Open Space Visitor Center in conjunction with the Bauhaus show. James gave a lecture about the Bauhaus and Cornelia and I did some demonstration about dyeing and weaving. It was fun to hear people's questions both about the Bauhaus and its connection to contemporary art and about the process of weaving tapestry.

Open Space Gallery.
Halcyon Days II, Emergence, Inscription, Contemplative Garden.
tapestry by Rebecca Mezoff

James Koehler giving a lecture on the Bauhaus.

Cornelia Theimer Gardella talking about her dye process.

Halcyon Days II


This is my statement from the show Interwoven Traditions: New Mexico and Bauhaus in Albuquerque (minus the Germany translation which you'll have to ask Cornelia for if you want it) at Open Space Gallery. A few people have asked me to post it so they could see it again.


i can't tell you who I was yesterday
everything i made this morning changed who yesterday was
today i made a tapestry while wondering about change and seeing
tomorrow's explorations may have different endings... or beginnings

a learning about collaboration
a movement through fear
a gleeful laugh of discovery
lifting a marvelous new color out of the dye pot
holding my breath as i pull a tapestry off the cloth beam at it's cutting off ceremony

i like putting individual threads together to make a crafted object that is also art
But mostly I revel in the journey.

The Bauhaus Project has been part of a creative three years for me. I have worked closely with other artists and learned about finding new paths together and apart. From the Bauhaus study I have learned about the importance of making things, of starting at the beginning, and of getting your hands dirty in the craft of the thing.

The Bauhaus was a school that challenged the way art was conceived and created. It was a place of people like Walter Gropius, Johannes Itten, Paul Klee, Gunta Stolzl, Josef Albers, Wassily Kandinsky, and Anni Albers. They were giants, and they were just people. They are still challenging me today.

Convergence Day 3

Convergence Day 3.
A quick post with more detail to come. Convergence has been wonderful and exhausting... so much going on in my head.

The opening of Interwoven Traditions: New Mexico and Bauhaus
Unfortunately my camera card malfunctioned and I didn't get any shots from the opening tonight. Here are a few Emily took.

Conni Gardella, me, and Maria Wilson. Maria is one of my unsung heroes (I am singing now I suppose). She is a well-known ikat weaver who has not woven for many years due to eyesight problems and stubbornly refuses to teach me ikat! She is unfailingly gracious and beautiful and I appreciate her kind words and encouragement about my tapestry career immensely.

Open Spaces Gallery, opening 4-8 this evening. The gallery space is beautiful. We were fortunate to get this space and I am grateful to Joshua Willis for all his help in hanging this show and making the exhibit happen. Open Space Visitor Center is a wonderful place and I highly recommend a visit.

Emily got two bouquets of beautiful flowers for the opening. Unfortunately due to the technological malfunction I don't have a photo of them at the actual gallery. This is Megan and I with the daisys.