Landing in Providence... Convergence 2014

This is the land of water, but the only boat I've seen so far is this one in the Providence airport.
I almost needed a boat in Chicago. As the prior flight was deplaning and I thought I was on my way to Providence and dinner, the dreaded, "Folks, we just need to let you know that the ramp has just closed for lightening" announcement crackled over the loudspeaker. Fortunately, the storm was short and we were on our way soon, but my luggage apparently got to experience the lightening first hand in a deluge of water in an unprotected luggage cart on the tarmac. Because when I got to my hotel room, I realized that everything in both bags except the yarn Emily had encouraged me to put in plastic bags, was soaked. Every piece of clothing. Every book. Every woven sample. Every handout for my Thursday class (sorry about that class). Soaked.
The first day of my Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class at Convergence 2014 went well despite the damp clothing and tapestries. Out of 25 students, 16 had Mirrix looms. I think that might indicate a success for that particular loom company. But who is surprised? They are great little looms.
I am off for another day of teaching.

PS. Today it is raining.