On my way... somewhere anyway.

I'm off today on a plane for Rhode Island. I've never been to Rhode Island and when I held up my little squatty umbrella that I dug out from under a pile of shopping bags in the back seat of my car where NOBODY ever sits and asked Emily if she thought I was going to need it, she looked at me like I was crazy. "It is the ocean! Of COURSE it is going to rain. Yes, you should bring it." I grew up in New Mexico and these things are difficult for me. I put the umbrella in the suitcase. She should be impressed that I even own an umbrella.

I also put a metric ton of yarn (in addition to the boxes that I mailed), some clothes (because I mailed stuff I have room to take clothes! I am sure my students will appreciate that.), the important bits of this and that like the yarn scale and the digital projector... and I'm thinking there is still something missing. Knitting?

I am thinking of leaving the knitting home. Is that crazy? After all, knitting is what keeps me from killing the crazy person that is ALWAYS seated next to me on the plane. I must look like that nice-skinnyish-lady-of-indeterminate-age-who-doesn't-smell-and-has-experience-with-mental-illness and they always pick me. Darn those Southwest flights with open seating. If they weren't better in every other way, I'd go with some more rigid airline just because my odds would be better. Anyway, I have been working on these little Hokett looms for the class I'm teaching and I'm kind of into them. But what if I get tired of the little weaving looms and need my knitting to keep me from armrest rage? these are the dilemmas that face me in the coming hours.

Fortunately I'm not flying through Dallas. I always get stuck there. Without fail, if I'm on a plane that stops in Dallas, there will be a major storm and no planes will be leaving. It know it is my fault. Chicago is perfect this time of year, right?