Who is ready for Convergence 2014?

I have been frantically rationally and consistently getting all my materials prepared for two brand-new classes and one old favorite. Next time I am going to a conference where I am teaching more than one class, please remind me to make sure they are classes with similar tools and materials. Packing has been a nightmare! I bought a rolling duffel big enough to put two of these in:
But fortunately I don't need to bring a two-year-old. Just huge quantities of a great variety of yarn. And thank goodness for the US Postal Service and Priority Mail!

Massive pile of handouts: check (mailed! Cha-ching!).
Three hour lecture written: check.
Yarn skeined, dyed, balled, partially mailed: check.
Massive luggage problem: fixed.
Hotel scheduling goof-up: fixed.
Rental car reserved so I can visit my grandmother: check.
Transportation found to various amazing fiber exhibits: check.
Sanity: still missing, might be permanent.

I hope to see a few of you at Convergence. But if I don't, you can feel sure I will post photos of the event in all it's crazy glory right here.

Online class updates: You can still register for the All-Three-in-One class (or the Self-directed version of the same material). The class goes until December 31st. And if you were waiting for Part 2 to open, it is up and rolling! (Next offering of Part 2 is in January 2015 just as a gentle reminder.) All the information you need is HERE, and if you don't find your questions answered there, contact me and I'll fill you in!
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