Doin' the craft school thing

If you missed the oft-repeated news, I'm at Penland. I apologize for mentioning it so often, but geez if Penland isn't just the greatest place. I've been here three days now and already feel everything loosening up. Maybe that is the morning yoga, but my step is lighter and my headspace is clearer.

I am here to teach a tapestry class called The Thrill of Color. It addresses color use through color theory and woven techniques to blend color. It is such a wonderful thing to have two full weeks to work with a group of students. This length of time allows some real learning and experimentation to happen.

Our studio is the entire second floor of this building, Lily Loom House. Lucy Morgan, who started the school, was a weaver. She taught local people to weave a as a source of income during the Depression.

The studio is well-equipped. I'm not used to being able to come to a place without bringing absolutely everything I might need with me. Not only do they have warping boards and sley hooks, they have looms.

Penland is a place that feels magical. It has been an art school for a very long time, so the place is completely full of artistic details. From wishing wells to forest witches.

Welcome to the magic! I'll have more updates soon... in the meantime, I'll be talking about color and teaching people the mechanics of tapestry. I love my job.