Three minutes of inspiration

It has been one year since I opened my online class, Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms. The class has been enjoyed by many hundreds of people so far. My goal in creating the class was to make something fun and accessible for people who have never woven tapestry before but also provide information valuable to people who understand how weaving works.

As I look back over the last year of weaving from this class, I wanted to put together a video showcasing a small portion of it. There were far too many images for me to choose from, but this video is a start.

It is also a little Happy Holidays video from me. I feel that it is far too early in the year (though it be November 8) for a Carol-of-the-Bells kind of video, but here it is. Enjoy the beauty of the season, pick up a little loom, and make something fun. I have a holiday weave-along coming soon that will tell you just how to do that in case you're stuck.

Three minutes of inspiration:

If you haven't yet joined Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms, I encourage you to do so! The class comes with anytime access and membership in my private Facebook group for online students (and it is such a great group!).

I cannot tell you, Rebecca, how much I am enjoying this course. I read and watched it from end to end in December, before starting to weave. I got a Hokett loom for Christmas (successful letter to my Santa) and am about to post photos of my first weavings on it. I have been weaving tapestry on and off for years, but didn’t have others with which to discuss, share, and problem-solve. The small scale is new to me, too. Discussion with others in the course is icing on the cake! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
— Monica Murphy, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, student in Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

About the Little Looms class

This class teaches you about a variety of small looms and how to warp them. We go over how to make headers and the basics of making the shapes all woven images are composed of. We look at different projects and I offer inspiration from small-format tapestry weavers. If you have questions, please do contact me!

This course addresses tapestry weaving from a traditional techniques perspective. Our goal is to make images in weaving, constructing the ground cloth as we weave the image. Tapestry weaving has existed for tens of thousands of years and there are some basic rules that are important when constructing a textile in this way. I'll teach you the foundations of tapestry weaving and get you started on a life-long exploration of expression through yarn.

And if you've already flown down the tapestry rabbit-hole, please do still join us for this class. There is much for even an intermediate tapestry weaver to experience here if you're interested in using small looms for portable projects. (And if not, don't forget the Color Gradation Techniques for Tapestry class!)

My holiday wish for all of us

My holiday wish is for some time to sit quietly and weave just for myself. And to expand that to time with family and friends around the table and in the Colorado snow. There is nothing better than yarn-y projects in the winter. (Apologies to those of you in the southern hemisphere--enjoy the sun for me!)

This year I am not sending you a list of presents for weavers. If you love weaving, you'll find your way to the right thing. And we all know that spouses who are not yarn people have to be told what to buy anyway! Pull out whatever yarn is in your stash, grab whatever loom you have (or make one), and have a little weaving time. It is a good way to calm the franticness that seems to be a constant part of life these days. (And if you do want your spouse to purchase an online class for you for a holiday gift, have them contact me HERE. I promise I can keep a secret.)


I have unending gratitude to all of my amazing students, both online and in-person. Perhaps I should call all of you my "weaving buddies" or "participants" or "fellow yarn nerds." I'm not sure. The word student sometimes seems inadequate.

At any rate, thank you for sharing my tapestry weaving world. You have blessed my life in so many ways and on almost every single day for the last three and a half years.