Emergence VIII: eventually you have to send your work on its way...

Yesterday I finally made the trip to FedEx where I shipped off my newest tapestry, Emergence VIII. I was surprised to find that I was a little shaky and sad when I got back in the car. Partly that was about entrusting this piece of art to the 19-year-old behind the counter. (In Marcus's defense, he was exceptionally professional, he helped me pack the piece extra well, and he made sure it was appropriately tracked and had to be signed for.) Partly it was that empty-loom syndrome and the need to take the next step forward and not being quite ready for it. 

Last week I had the opportunity to bring this tapestry and another to the photography studio of Gregory Case in Pueblo, CO. I can't recommend his work highly enough. He and his assistant/wife Elena were professional, quick, and the results were excellent. The snapshot below is one I took while he was doing the real photography.


Pueblo is about a three hour drive each way from Fort Collins. Gregory was kind enough to allow me a one-day turn-around and then even let me stay in the studio to watch and make sure I liked the images he was getting. Usually people ship him their work, so you don't have to live in Colorado to utilize his services. His specialty is quilts, but he did a stunning job with my work and I would recommend him to any tapestry weaver.

And yesterday, I finished the last few steps and sent the piece to its new owner. This was unconscious, but I put off this very last step, sewing on the tag, until just before I had to get this piece into the box. The delay tactic allowed me to look at the work a little bit longer. But eventually the piece was officially finished and wrapped carefully. Then it went off to meet Marcus at FedEx and hopefully find its way to Texas.


I am happy to have another piece finished. I'm into the design phase on the next commission and hope to begin dyeing for that in the next few weeks.


Below is Gregory's image of Emergence VIII. It is 54 x 54 inches, hand-dyed wool weft, cotton warp.

Rebecca Mezoff,  Emergence VIII,  54 x 54 inches, hand-dyed wool weft, cotton warp.  photo:  Gregory Case

Rebecca Mezoff, Emergence VIII, 54 x 54 inches, hand-dyed wool weft, cotton warp.  photo: Gregory Case