Happy Blog-o-versary (with a course discount!)

My first blog post was April 20, 2008. Somehow it has been nine years of blogging. My first post was about a tapestry called This Time I Dance which was purchased by a friend of a friend. 

The blog has evolved a lot over the last nine years. It has absolutely been the driver for my career as a fiber arts educator and I am so grateful to all of my faithful readers. Some of you have been around for that entire nine years--and I don't just mean my parents! (but thanks for reading Mom and Dad).

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most popular all-time posts was about high-warp tapestry looms. Which Tapestry Loom is right for me? Part 2: High-warp looms

This particular post could certainly use an update with all my new experimentation and knowledge about looms. And that is one thing the blog is good for. It is a place where I have grown as a tapestry artist and teacher. I have changed my opinions about many things over the years and that is how it should be. Often those changes came from ideas or comments from all of you.

So I am grateful for your readership and your involvement in the fiber art community. Making things is such an important part of experiencing the world for me. It keeps me thinking, engages my mind and body, teaches me about myself, and generally keeps me out of trouble.

I hope that weaving has also been important in your life. As a celebration of nine years of tapestry love, I'm giving you (my faithful followers!) a discount on my Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms online course. You can find more information about the course on my website HERE including reviews from students. You can see photos of what students have been weaving HERE on Pinterest.

**Update 4/20/18: The code has expired, but please do join me for this online course! A year later, it remains incredibly popular and by signing up you'll be joining a group of hundreds of weavers discussing and learning about all things tapestry.

I'll see you in the course!