The fun of chatting with Sarah Swett

Yesterday I hosted a webinar with Sarah Swett. This was the first time I’ve done such a thing. After a lot of work learning the new tech, I was ready for it. I knew where the share buttons were and how to turn on the recordings and how to answer questions and do a poll. I knew how to turn microphones and video on and off, how to send registration reminder emails and follow-up emails. I thought I had it nailed.

But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And what I didn’t know was that the package I purchased through the webinar platform Zoom only included 100 participants. So immediately after starting the broadcast, 100 people were on and no more were allowed in. I realized this a few minutes into the broadcast thanks to someone mentioning it in the Q&A (which I totally knew how to use!), but there was nothing I could do about it once the webinar had started.

The webinar itself went really well. If you were one of the hundreds of people who registered but couldn’t get into the live event, please accept my sincere apologies.

Please do take the time to watch the video below.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Fringeless online class, you can do so here: (Hint: that we gave a discount code for the course in the webinar!)

And if you’re already in the course, you can find the video and the beautiful project instructions that Sarah made at the end of the course. Let us know what you thought about the information in the webinar there and we can have an ongoing discussion.

Weave on!

I loved weaving tapestry long ago - my creative journey can wander wherever it desires. But after watching the free webinar- i’m In!
— Deb E. after watching the webinar and signing up for Fringeless