Throughout much of 2017 and into this year I worked on the design and yarn dyeing for a large private commission. You all shared my challenges and triumphs with this process.

Sometimes things don't work out though. After several re-negotiations, the client and I finally reached a place where we both decided to end the project.

This was hard when it happened back in May and I wasn't ready to talk about it until now. While I did very much want to weave this project and had actually started doing so, in the long run, cancelling it was the best thing to do given the different directions both the client and I had gone in the two years of planning and working on the project. I considered weaving something similar anyway but decided my heart just wasn't in a project that was designed around someone else's space, loves, and aesthetic choices.

So I'm currently working on the design for another large tapestry that will use some of that huge stash of yarn I now have waiting. The loom is warped and all I need is a couple more colors to realize my new vision.

It has been too long since I wove a large tapestry. Now is the time. This one is for me.

Rebecca Mezoff, woven commission sample, 2018